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    HomeKit App is the problem

    The plug works just fine. The problem I have with this is the HomeKit app capabilities or lack there of. Says no hub required, that's a lie. It requires a hub in order for you to use the automation portion in the app and to access it when you are not home. Most smart plugs can be accessed away from home and can be automated without a hub. This one cannot. The hub has to be either an Apple TV or an iPad. I know most people that have Apple products have one of these but I do not. I just have the iPhone8, which should be more than capable to be the hub. Other plugs have all the capabilities under one app without a hub. Seems like Apple is a little behind on this one.

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    Work Wonderfully

    I bought two of these recently and I couldn't be happier. I like the fact that using HomeKit where my Apple TV acts as a hub I can remotely control the switches. It's almost instantaneous too. I did notice during setup that I had issues when I was configuring the wifi connectivity over 802.11ac. Those issues cleared right up when I switched my iPhone over to use 801.11g then setup the switches wifi connectivity. If you have connectivity issues I recommend doing this as well.

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    I bought two so I could try these out and wow. Easy to setup and easy to use. I went back and purchased 12 more. Not a single issue with any of them!

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    Lights flash randomly, lose connectivity often

    I purchased seven of these to connect to lamps in my home. And every single one of them will periodically turn off and back on for no reason. This is especially annoying for the lamps next to my bed. When I open the app, it says the device is unreachable so I have to reinstall it. There is no reason for the device to become unreachable, because I have a stable and strong wifi network. I really liked the idea of controlling my lamps through Apple Homekit and Siri, but unfortunately this product isn't reliable.

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