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    Remarkable, elemental, and well worth the money

    After ordering the Gold Phantom, I became skeptical, hostile, and feeling quite stupid for having just spent $3000 for a digital speaker. I now wish to confess my sins. This product is exceptional in design, function, and form. Sound is singular, focused, and explosive. And the best part, set-up was Apple-like: efficient and intuitive. It works flawlessly with all my airplay/bluetooth devices.

    Another parallel to Apple is the packaging -- product experience begins with the package and Devialet does not disappoint. Whimsical and entertaining, fun to open -- i still keep the Devialet crypt to remind me that cardboard can be a creative art form, not to mention my cats fight over the upscale residency offered.

    Designed in Paris and made in France....has a familiar ring.

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