• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Buy What You Need, Not What You Want.

    • Written by Jesse J from Massillon

    I don't get it, people here complaining about this case. So your dropping the keyboard? Its coming detached when you don't want it to. Well, maybe you should have bought a Laptop, after all this is an I-Pad. Its nice Logitech has provided this case as an option however, use it at a desk or table problem solved.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    A Better Design Must be Available

    • Written by Brenda W W from Minneapolis

    I am looking for a keyboard case for my10.5 iPad Pro that is secure and this one comes up short. I made to work with the keyboard in my lap as I am often bed bound for long periods. You need a lap board of something like that to establish this keyboard case because it cannot stand on its own. This stand on the back must be used to use this keyboard. the case is not fitting the iPad well. Twice it has popped out on two corners at the same time. It snapped in at the counters but this does not hold when you handle the iPad without the keyboard. So now another secure / safety problem with the case that does not securely hold the device. The design flaw is in the smart connector not being part of a hedged connector that serve to support and allow changes in the angle of the device. That hedge would grab the iPad in a material that is not soft and floppy.

    Back to the net to hunt for the functions I want in a reliably secure that does not risk this iPad from ending up broken from falling to the floor or some other hard surface. It is frustrating and tiring to make several trips to the mall in this cold weather to buy and return and try another product. Time is valuable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Danger of lockout...product should be recalled

    • Written by Edward E from Chantilly

    Poor design. When closed, this cover is supposed to lock your iPad. I will do this initially, but in transit, it will come away from your iPad and the lock screen will present itself...to the covered iPad. Then the fun begins, The buttons along the top row (the number buttons) will then randomly be pressed by the iPad shifting. This will result in the iPad becoming locked for a period of time. If this happens enough times, you will be locked out PERMANENTLY, and only a factory reset and restore from backup will work. This product should be RECALLED. Additionally, the play button will be randomly pressed and music or videos will start to play while the iPad is in your backpack...dead battery when you get to your destination.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A Lot of Great Features, But Missing One For Me

    • Written by Pamela P from Flint

    So, there aren’t many options out there, I’m finding out. I opted for the Logitech Slim Combo iPad Pro case with detachable backlit keyboard and Smart Connector

    My criteria for a keyboard folio for my new iPad Pro 12.9”, 2017, was as follows (not in order):
    Backlit keyboard
    protection for back of iPad
    smart connect so that charging the keyboard isn’t necessary

    The pluses with the Logitech were that it had a holder for the Apple Pencil, very nice touch/feel for the keyboard, and versatile viewing angles. Unfortunately, it only comes in black or navy blue. I also found that when habitually trying to flip the keyboard to the back, as I was used to with cases I had for other devices in the past, the keyboard detaches, & I would lose track of where I put it. Because of this, I sadly crunched it in the recliner after only 2 weeks, forgetting that I had set it next to me. It slipped into the recliner when I wasn’t paying attention. A $150 faux pas.

    I loved everything about the Logitech Slim Combo except this issue with it detaching when I didn’t want it to (it’s designed to detach, in order to use the tablet separately. I just wish there was some option for being able to do both—detach, and also stay with the tablet if I wanted to flip it around 180°. For that reason, I did not replace with a 2nd Slim Combo. If there comes about a very light weight, SmartConnect, excellent feeling keys, folio with holder for Apple Pencil that’s got the 180° flip for a more attractive price, I’m in.

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