• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not perfect but plusses outweigh minusses

    • Written by Kim S from Cupertino

    * Fits very well (I don't have any of the problems other reviewers had getting it on).
    * Works well with the Apple Smart Cover (The one without the keyboard).
    * The silicone edges feel nicer than hard edges would.
    * Surprisingly the elastic pencil holder works well.
    * When the apple cover is open it sits flat on the back and the magnets hold, though barely.

    * A bit on the heavy side. (Apple says its 16 Oz, but I bet its lighter, like 8-9)
    * VERY hard to push the volume and on/off buttons
    * A little difficult to plug a charger or Apple Pencil in, because the case is so thick.
    * Carrying it, the hard smooth plastic is unpleasant against my skin. The Apple leather smart cover is much nicer, but is only on one side.
    * Opening the Apple cover is a little awkward because the case is a rim that surrounds the edge of the cover.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A bit tight but works well with Smart Cover / Smart keyboard

    • Written by David C from Auburn Township

    Unlike most clear back covers this one has silicone bumpers around the edges to give your iPad Pro 10.5 more protection. The bumpers and the Apple Pencil holder add a little more bulk to the cover but it's not clunky. I found the case is a bit stiff which makes it a little harder to get on and get off your iPad Pro 10.5. Just take your time and follow the included diagram and you'll be set. I alternately use this back cover with a Smart Keyboard and a Smart Cover and it works great with both of these Apple accessories. The covers stay on and the magnetic flaps work perfectly and hold tight in open and close positions. All ports and buttons work as expected but as with any protective case that covers the buttons it does require a bit more force to actuate the buttons with the case in place. It's one of the tradeoffs you make for protecting your iPad Pro 10.5 investment with a back case.

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