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    Doesnt work wtih case for my iPhone X

    Seems there are cases that dont work with the Belkin Boost Up. I have a moshi see-through case made in flexible plastic which is not even 3mm thick. It starts the charging fine, but within 20 seconds goes to red flashing indicating no charging. Removing the cover solves the issue, but also removes completely the point of having a wireless charger....

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    Won't work for me either

    I have 14 days to return it and I will. It just don't work at all. I love my Iphone X I'm going to charge it the old fashioned way.

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    Lacks power

    I had my new iPhone X sitting on it for over 2 hours & it hardly charged! Not impressed! Taking it back

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    Charges iPhone X very very slow

    Brought this for my iPhone X thinking it would be great Apple sell it, it’s not great for charging iPhone X at all, I put my phone on charge it was 70% 2 hours later it was only on 79%, I contacted Belkin who just told me to return it which I will be doing! I have tried charging with and without phone case and both ways is super slow very disappointed for the price of it as well

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    It literally can't charge the iPhone X

    Bought this because it's white, thought it would look nice. But this charger is so weak, sometimes my iPhone X is actually losing charge while on the belkin. If the phone is doing anything in the background, like backing up, you'll lose charge.

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    A major flaw!

    First let me start by saying my iPhone X doesn’t have a case. I know that sounds crazy but I ordered two cases for it on the day I pre-ordered this phone but it’s taking its sweet time getting here and there are no cases to be found locally. Ok back to my story...when I put my new X on this charger (I had placed this charger on top of my dresser) I woke up to find my phone on the floor! Thank goodness there were no cracks since it fell on my wood floors. It had slipped right off when the phone vibrated to indicate it was fully charged. I looked at this charger to see what the problem was and it has a very thin, next to nothing, rubber ring on the inside and clearly that isn’t enough! I am going to have to modify this charger if I want to keep my X safe. Would I buy this charger again? No way! But I won’t be sending it back since I plan to stick a little more rubber on the base to keep it from slipping. I think that is something this company should have though of and done in the first place, and not something I had to do! You’ve been warned.

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    Don’t waste your time

    Don’t waste your time buying the Belkin Boost (see my review on the Mophie). The chargers would not charge through the leather cover of iPhone 8. The charger also sticks out because of the shape and color. Buy the Mophie.

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