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    Ok, does the job... I recommend the Mophie vers.

    I ordered the Belkin and hadn't had any hands on with the Mophie.

    When I had stopped by the Apple store to pick up an item for my iPad Pro, I checked out the Mophine Qi charger. It's smaller, denser and feels much more premium than the little plasticky saucer from Belkin. The entire Mophie is lined in a rubberized material opposed to the Belkin being plastic with adhesive rubber stickers on it.

    While I had no issues with the Belkin, I didn't hesitate to return it for the Mophi, which feels more substantial and a much better build quality. I'd recommend the Belkin over this, but if it's not an option or you prefer the color white, the Belkin will get the job done effectively.

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