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    Belkin vs. Mophie

    I have both the Belkin and Mophie chargers. Both get the job done. The Belkin charger is larger in diameter, and if you do not use a case, the camera bezel can make it more difficult to place it "just right" to charge (iPhone X only). HOWEVER, if you have a case or have the 8 plus, the bezel is not an issue. The slightly larger diameter actually holds the phone more securely and friends with the 8 plus agree it works better for that reason.

    Slightly larger diameter makes placement easier
    Size holds phone more securely (ESPECIALLY for iPhone 8 plus)
    Functions like all others

    Placement more difficult with iPhone X or standard 8 without a case
    Slightly more bulky design
    Not quite as "sleek" as Mophie

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    Super Convenient

    I’m not understanding the negative reviews. I bought the iPhone X the day it came out and this charger. I have a bulky two piece Otterbox case on my phone and it works just fine, so I am not getting why people say you need to remove the case. It has a light to show it’s charging and is extremely convenient. I’ve thrown this thing in a bag for travel several times and it’s still working great. No regrets here.

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    Belkin Boost Up Pad

    This wireless charging pad is very useful. I just got it today and my iPhone was at 50% and this item helped boost it up to 100 in 10-15 minutes. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for good reviews. Shoutout to Belkin for the amazing Boost Pad.

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    Excellent purchase!

    It's working 100% as expected. I'm very happy an recommend this product.

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    Works VERY Well

    I get a laugh at some of the reviews that state it does not work with the iPhone X. My phone is an iPhone X and it works great with it. The Belkin model also has an led light that shows that the connection is active. You do have to place it correctly for the connection, but so what. Not that big of a deal. I've been using it for months without a single issue and the phone charges quickly, even through the silicone case. I highly recommend it.....

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    Fast Charge!

    The Belkin Boost-Up Wireless Charging Pad does a great job. I read complaints of having to position the iPhone correctly for it to work. So? That is no big deal. It charges my iPhone 8 as fast as a lightning cable and it looks pretty cool, too. I like the green LED that indicates the iPhone is in the correct position and charging. No gripes and all. Good value. Very recommended!

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    Gets the job done.

    My wife and I each own an 8 plus and we both enjoy and use the Belkin. We've had no problems since purchasing last December and plan to buy a second so that we don't fight over who gets to the one we already have. :-)

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    great product

    works great with all cases including the Otterbox commuter case

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    Effective, user friendly wireless charging.

    I tested this wireless charging base and the mophie. Both perform the same in my two weeks of testing, for the same price. There are limitations to the wireless technology, requiring specific (though not too specific) placement. But these reflect the state of the tech and are not a big deal—you get used to it, and wireless is far easier then fumbling with a cable.

    I chose the Belkin over the mophie because the Belkin has an indicator light that clearly shows when the iPhone is placed well and charging. The mophie had a light, but very small and dim and hard to see. That is the only differentiatior to me.

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    Awesome Charger

    Works amazing on my iPhone 8+. I don't need to take my Otterbox Defender case off either. It communicates to the phone right through it. Love the green LED light too. Lets you know that the phone is on correctly and being charged.

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    Great Charging pad!

    Works great for me. I purchased this over 2 months ago and still works just like new. My iPhone 8 Plus charges fast. Between both charging pads I own Belkin beats Mophie for larger size iPhones.

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    Does exactly what you need it to.

    Fast wireless charging. The color is pretty bright, so you can see it in a dimly lit room. The LED indicator light is pretty hand. It seems to need the phone to be placed in a specific way to get it to charge. I wouldn't mind if the pad was a little bit bigger, or more usable space in the size it is now.

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    Works Great | iPhone X + Nomad Rugged Case - X

    Right out of the box, the Belkin Wireless charger works great with my iPhone X with Nomad Rugged Case. I have experienced no issues with charging or difficulty in placing the phone in what some have mentioned as a certain location of the pad for it to charge. I do try to center the phone on the pad, but do not try to make it precise. Once the phone is on the pad, the phone shows charging and the light on the pad comes on. As long as the pad is on a flat surface, I do not understand why some are saying the phone moves, shifts, or stops charging, unless they are trying to use the phone while charging. So far, it works great for me, with no cons currently to note.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing! Charges iPhone X Fast!

    I bought this today at my local Apple Store and I love it. It's a perfect size for my end table and I think I won't need my iPhone cord anymore. Also having that light on it is VERY nice.

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    Nice wireless charger

    There seems to be a lot of negative reviews in reference to the iPhone X. I purchased this with my iPhone 8 plus and it has worked very well over the past few months. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. I don't have any issues to report thus far. This charger is strictly for your cell not your watch. I am unsure as to why someone would attempt to charge their watch on this item. The wireless charger that charges both the phone and watch simutaneously will drop in 2018. (per the Apple announcement for those that watched)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent for me!! i got the iphone 8 plus

    i love it!! i feel like it dont charge fast enough but i normally let it charge at night when im sleeping so doesnt matter to me.i highly recommend this product! i love belkin

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    works for me

    I have the X with the apple leather case and the belkin works great. I have it on my night table and when I wake up my phone is fully charged. The green charging light is a nice touch...

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    Love it for my iPhone X!

    I’ve read the review for this pad and how it’s worked with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. I must say this is a great charger and works efficiently for my needs. The charging is super fast and better than I anticipated with my iPhone X. I highly recommend it!

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    Perfect for what I need

    I found that the Belkin Wireless Charging Pad works as expected. I like this product because I no longer have to hook up to cables for charging. At the moment, this is charging at about the same rate as with the cable that came with my iPhone 8 Plus. I llook forward to the software updates later on in the year for faster wireless charging. The only dislike I have with this product is the fact that it has a AC connection instead of USB. Other than that, this is a great product! Been using this since 9/22.

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    Amazing Product

    I purchased a 3rd party wireless charger a few days after getting my 8Plus.i wasn't satisfied with I purchased the Belkin Charger today & i love You do get what you pay for & it's a major upgrade. The performance between the two wireless Chargers are as different as night and day....i love this product

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