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    Great w/Smart Lights

    These help so much to prevent guests from shutting off smart lights at the actual switch. Surprised I was able to set this up easily without needing to download yet another manufacture's app. If anything negative but not a huge deal breaker, I wish it could be setup so a single press turns the lights on and then a single press again turns them off, instead of needing a double press.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great buttons for HomeKit control

    Purchased this starter kit and an extra button to have some physical buttons to control some HomeKit devices and scenes and they work great! Super easy setup. Only complaint is there isn’t a way to toggle a device, so you have to use a single press for either on or off, and a double press for the other, would be nice to have a single press toggle the device/scene on and off.

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    Let the Buyer Beware!

    After hours factory resetting the button and the hub, deleting the accessory in HomeKit and reinstalling, it doesn't work. I spent an hour on the phone to Logitech technical support, and after dealing with three different people at three different phone numbers and being put on hold numerous times, I want my money back. Even if it worked, it will only work with either HomeKit OR the other devices on Logitech's product page. It can't do both at the same time. But mine does not do anything. If you decide to try this, buy it from the Apple Store or Amazon so you can take it back. I'm waiting for the Logitech store to tell me how to return it.

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