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    Won't Travel Without Them!

    • Written by Bob M from Solon

    These are a great set of earbuds. I don't travel without them. As a seasoned business traveler, I've used everything from Bose to Sennheiser and prefer the Rayz because of comfort, sound quality, and portability. When wearing on-ear and over-the-ear headphones, they become uncomfortable and warm which never is the case with the Rayz. The noise cancellation is great because it easily allows me to auto calibrate to my immediate surroundings, with the touch of a button. The app is intuitive as it allows me to fine-tune my preferences. I regularly use my Rayz for conference calls as the microphone is outstanding. Callers on the other end tell me the sound quality is crystal clear. Last, is be remiss not to mention the sound quality. The Rayz gives you deep rich bass as well as good mid and high tones. An overall good listening experience. I bought the Rayz Plus because I need the ability to charge my iPhone while using the earbuds. While I like the idea of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, I constantly find that they need to be charged. With Rayz, they are powered by the Lightning port on my iPhone and always ready when I need them.

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