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    Waste of Money

    This scale does not do what it promotes. It has not been accurate. The scale is always off by 6lbs. It doesn't accurately stay connected to the Internet via Bluetooth. It constantly has to be reset every 2-3 days. Customer Service is not great and it takes way to long to get someone knowledgeable to assist in fixing the problems. I would throw it away but my $150+ dollars won't let me.

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    Do not waste your money

    I bought two of these through Apple based on the Pulse Wave Velocity feature (which makes this scale $80 more expensive than Nokia's other version) and now through a software update Nokia has removed that feature. Nokia's answer is to offer you a $30 coupon only useable in their health store on the 9 other products they offer.

    You can find a better option and a better cost through a better manufacturer.

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    I bought one, but you shouldn't

    The key feature of this scale is its Pulse Wave-Velocity measurement, and Nokia is removing that feature remotely out of fear of being regulated as a medical device.

    Since being purchased by Nokia, the software has also been terrible. After more than a year of use, I cannot recommend this scale. The concept is great, but Nokia has completely botched the implementation.

    This product is so bad, I am shocked that Apple would put it on their website.

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