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    Amazing product

    This thing is amazing. It's a smart device that does one thing, but it does it so well and so effortlessly. Taking a temperature reading takes five seconds and all you have to do is point it at your forehead, and move it a little bit. That's it. It syncs with its own app (and with the Apple Health app) where then you can go through a check list of possible symptoms to look out for. Highly recommended, especially if you need to take your body temperature regularly, or if you have kids or elderly people to care for.

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    Battery life is terrible, support is worse

    My thermometer has a battery life of about a week. Nokia claims it should be two years. The batteries are not rechargable.
    Nokia support cannot event be bothered to read emails. These are not problems one should have at this price.

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    Simple, feature rich thermometer for parents and caretakers

    This thermometer has made checking the temperature on my kids (ages 2 and 4) much easier. I had previously used a temporal scan thermometer and my kids did not like having it go across their forehead. Without having to make contact with their foreheads, they squirmed much less than before. Being able to take both their temperatures and then assign it to their name by scrolling on the thermometer is an awesome feature. Having the ability to note medications and symptoms in the app makes it easy for parents to share information.

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