• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This printer and app are the hit of any event

    • Written by g craig V from menlo park

    I brought it to the local craft person fair and made a video of the artisan working thier craft. Then I printed them a photo and had them download the app. She laughed with the might of gods. I brought it to a writers workshop and did the same with a person reading their new chapter. She cried in joy when she saw how everyone around her was reacting to her emotional piece, [wouldn't have been the same with a still photo]. I brought this printer to my niece's birthday party and suddenly I was the cool uncle. I love this app and printer. Simple to operate, good quality. Love the WiFi feature so I can send pictures home when I travel. This is good fun. Everyone who sees the hyperphoto the first time is awed.

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