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    Overpriced basic camera

    • Written by Michael G from Milton

    I was extremely disappointed with this camera, and will be returning it to the Apple Store where I got it.

    First, I only bought it because the sales guy said it could move. (It can’t. Well, you can move it by hand. You can’t move it from the app.) Also, it says you can “pan” the image— what a joke! Sure, you can “pan” the image when you zoom in on the image. Also, the image is digitally zoomed, so you can only “pan” a grainy image. I don’t think the Marketing folks over at Netgear understand what “pan” means in the camera market.

    Setup was a pain. It connected to my phone but refused to set up WiFi. I had to use the little manual setup link to get it working.

    The camera has quite a delay. I’m assuming that’s because the camera signs in and then sends you the recording from the cloud, rather than direct input from the camera. No big deal. With a strong WiFi signal, it’s maybe a 2 second delay. Once it connects and it is actually loaded, the video input is relatively smooth and the sound pickup is pretty good.

    I also found that the app refused to let me sign in unless the camera is online. That means you can’t review saved footage from the app unless the camera is plugged in, or actively consuming battery. That seems like a huge disadvantage.

    The packaging says it has temperature and humidity sensors. Great! And it alerts you when those are out of desirable ranges. Neat. Except all it does is send you a push notification that “temperature is outside the desired range.” It doesn’t even tell you WHAT that temperature is! Too hot? Too cold? Who knows. Moreover, the temperature or humidity is not available anywhere in the app, nor is the time of the push notification recorded. What a joke. Other baby monitors in this price range put the temp, time, etc and stamp it right on the image. Not Arlo. Go check their forums— they’re plastered with dozens of requests from years back asking to make this info available. It’s not, but the marketing folks still plaster all over the package that it is.

    The crying and movement alerts drove me crazy, like other users on here have noted. This app has no “debounce” time— instead of firing off a notification every few minutes, it will let you know ANYTIME there is movement. You might be reviewing the last notification while it bombards you with new notifications.

    I’ve been buying products from Apple for 20 years. This overpriced widget has the honor of being the very first thing I’ll return for a refund. This has no business being in the stores. It’s unfinished and a poor product overall.

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