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    intermittently works with Apple TV 4K (latest gen)

    • Written by TIM M from Vienna

    Apple tv 4K seems to be picky about HDMI cables for some reason (so much for "just works"), and I was having issues with a Monoprice and AmazonBasics Ultra High Speed HDMI cables, so everyone recommended the Belkin UltraHD 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable. I returned the ATV4K I had issues with the Monoprice and AB cables, and got a new ATV4K along with the Belkin. The Belkin initially seemed to work, although there were longish lags connecting on programming and the video would blur until higher resolution signal locked. However, the picture and audio would annoyingly cut out intermittently, and I would occasionally get white pixelization (usually indication of a bad cable) when starting up the ATV4K, which required a reboot. I reverted to the Monoprice with the new ATV4K and found there was less lag to signal lock, no video/audio cut outs, and no white pixelization. It seems the previous issue with the cables was an ATV4K issue, not issues with my cables. So, this very expensive Belkin Cable is being returned.

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    No need for this cable

    • Written by Ethan D from Guelph

    There is absolutely no picture or sound quality difference between this cable and any other regular HDMI cable. Now that more devices are starting to support 4k, manufactures are trying to sell "Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI Cables", but they're exactly the same as a normal HDMI. There is no picture or sound between difference a $5 cable and a $1000 cable. The only difference in HDMI cables is how far they can transfer data. There is no need to buy a cable like this, any HDMI will do.

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