• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Description lies: charges NO MacBooks

    I don't know which "selected MacBooks" the description refers to. I have the 12" MacBook which has the lowest power requirements of all the MacBooks. And, this worthless "charger" can't even provide 2% battery when the MacBook is closed/asleep for eight hours. I contacted technical support (which is terrible as well), and they said: "The SMART Charger will NOT re-charge a Macbook or Macbook Pro when the device is in use. Will allow slow charging of a Macbook or Macbook Pro while asleep and will reduce battery drain while in use." I imagine that by "slow", they mean "trickle" (and that might be an overstatement). Given how poorly it performs, I doubt the USB-C port could even charge an Android cell phone.

    It gets one star for the USB-A ports being able to charge my iPhone. Of course, I can pick up a $5 charger at Frys that does the same thing. Yay!

    Save your money. Look elsewhere. I'm shocked that Apple says something so worthless.

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    Noisy and Poorly Made

    I was intrigued by the ability to use the same charger for my Apple Watch, iPhone 7+, and USB C "fast charge for my 10.5 iPad Pro. The charger seemed to charge everything without issue, but makes a high-pitch whine when plugged in, that gets worse as you add more devices. It's loud enough to distract me while working and bother me when sleeping. Native Union assured me that should not be happening, but after two different chargers, I'm throwing in the towel and exchanging it for Apple's 29 watt power adapter.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No Australia head provided and not support usb-a 10w for fast charging.

    Price would be alright if the mentioned problem do not exist, as plenty options on the market these days.

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