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    Lovely device: But It's Neither a Hub nor a Bridge

    If you are looking for a device to supply power to your devices, look no further. HOWEVER, If you are looking for an actual hub or a bridge--as in the name of the product-- you will not find it here. Bridges and hubs pass data from port to port. For Native Union, the term "bridge' means "Bridging power" according to their chat representative Ritchie. So, depending on what you expect from the firm's marketing, you will either receive a delightful product of exceptional build quality or a deceptive product that in no way lives up its title and wastes your time. I have rated it one star since I am clearly in the latter camp.

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    Carry fewer power adapters

    I originally bought this to travel with but have decided to keep it at home because it looks so nice (love the braided cord with the 90 degree connection to the wall). Everything about the product screams quality, from the materials to the packaging. I'm using it with various iOS devices and a 15" MacBook Pro. I plug the MacBook Pro power adapter into one of the side outlets and charge my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch via the USB connections. The charger does not produce enough power to charge the battery of the MacBook Pro via the USB-C connector but even with the original MacBook Pro power adapter plugged into the side it is much cleaner than the power strip I was using with all the individual power adapters coming out of it.

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    Convenient for home and travel

    I have a MacBook Pro, MacBook, Apple Watch, and iPhone 8. I travel with the MacBook, watch, and iPhone. With just this Charger and correct cables I am able to eliminate all of the unique charging bricks for each device. I am planning to buy another just for home use to help clean up power cables and wire clutter.

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