• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bose QC 35 ||

    • Written by AKSHIT P from Surat

    Bose QC 35 || Best headphone . I love headphone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love them for travel & walking

    • Written by Suzanne M from Takoma Park

    I am a frequent traveler for work. Splurged on these after being trapped on a five hour flight with a screaming toddler nearby where the parents were doing all they could but the poor kid was endlessly miserable. My wired iPhone earbuds did little to help.

    Pros: Comfortable, even for many hours. Ageless design (I’d feel like a middle-aged poseur in Beats). Really good at blocking out noise when music is playing. Easy to lower or raise the volume and has both high and low noise cancellation settings, which makes it easy to stay aware of the outside world when necessary. Fold up easily into the carrying case, which is simple and well designed. Charging cord is good and they seem to charge pretty quickly and hold the charge as promised.

    Minor Cons: They don’t cancel noise much when the music isn’t playing - they dampen noise rather than “cancel” it out. Not a big deal with most music, but noticeable when streaming video, podcasts, and audiobooks. A little bit of extra noise leaks in when I wear them with glasses/sunglasses, but it’s not a big deal. Not comfortable to wear white lying down.. earbuds are much better. I have the gray pair and I’m worried that the surface will be scratched as two sides rub against each other when folded in the case, so I always take the extra 5 seconds to lay the thin foam that came in the packaging between them, which is a tiny annoyance that better packaging could prevent. Once the headphones switched on accidentally while in the case and drained the battery.

    On my last trip which was super hectic I completely forgot to charge them before the return flight and I was crestfallen - you really have no idea how loud airplane and train travel are until you remove yourself from the noise temporarily and then pull the headphones off and it hits you. I absolutely love these headphones and have recommended them to many people. In fact I think I have written fewer than five online reviews ever but these were really worth the investment so if you are on the fence about buying noise cancelling headphones, I encourage you to go for it. When I did my research it came down to these or the comparable Sony pair, and I got these because I had a $100 credit in the Apple store and they only had these.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed with Bose

    • Written by Beverly C from Tampa

    After wearing the headphones all day at the gym they began to hurt my ears. I accidentally through the box away and I can not register the headphones with Bose because I read the serial number on the headphones in the right ear. The sound quality is good.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best all around headphones

    • Written by Charles S from Howe

    I’ve owned a lot of headphones over the years. Many of the top brands and brands that are not so good. Some headphones look good but sound really cheap. Some sound good but are really heavy and ugly. The Bose QC35 II are in my opinion the best all around headphone available. Yes, there probably are some that might sound better, or more pure. But the Bose QC 35 2nd gen sound extremely good and the music is very balanced. Bass sounds good and prevalent but not overly prevalent. Mids and highs have a near perfect mix. The music sounds rich and deep. Drums sound pure and have a great pop to the snare. One part of the music isn’t more pronounced than another part and it’s a very satisfying sound. And the second gen headphones are much louder than the first gen. I love that about them. I like to crank it now and then.
    The comfort of these is second to none. I’ve never worn anything so comfortable. You can wear these for hours.
    The noise canceling truly is superb! The controls are easy to find and intuitive. They even have a built in google assistant button but you can also choose to use it for noise canceling levels.
    The flat black version looks very classy and advanced. Super light and sturdy. They don’t fall apart like other brands do.
    Try these. You’ll love them. Just make sure you are listening to music downloaded from iTunes or ripped from a CD. No headphones sound good when you are playing pandora. People stream pandora and then wonder why their headphones don’t sound good. Streaming music is compressed and sometimes doesn’t sound as good as it can when directly downloaded from iTunes of from a CD.
    I really can’t find much that I don’t like about these. I’ll never get rid of mine..
    Battery life is very good! I can listen for days or watch hours and hours of videos without charging. I love these headphones!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    My favorite headphones

    • Written by David H from Falls Church

    I've grown up listening to Bose speakers (401s and 901s) and have never heard a Bose product that did not agree with my ears. I've been using their QuietComfort line for years and absolutely love the wireless capability of the 35s. I bought them to travel with (planes and trains) but find myself using them at home as well. They should great, I never run out of battery, and the Bluetooth connectivity has been rock solid.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Impulse purchase while traveling turned into my favorite gadget of the year

    • Written by AARON J D from SAN FRANCISCO

    I left my Beats Solo 3s on the airplane and found myself at an airport electronics store on my way home bemoaning my lack of music. The woman there almost screamed when i told her i was looking for a pair of over the ear headphones - she was so excited to share her experience with them.

    At first i didn't realize the app was required for easy pairing, but after that hiccup, the ability to connect to multiple devices at once, and the long charge hold rounded out the excellent sound quality. Super comfortable too.

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