• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I’ve used this toothbrush for roughly a year.

    • Written by Brian V from LIVERPOOL

    It finally bit the dust and no longer vibrates? The charging light comes on still though. It worked great at first, but eventually stopped connecting to my iPhone. When I did finally get the time to set it up with my iPhone again, it looked like it was syncing my brushes (about 4 months worth) to the app, but I eventually gave up on it after waiting an hour. Somehow, my E1 managed to crack at the base too, which is weird as I baby all of my electronics.

    As a regular electric toothbrush (ignoring the app) it works great! But, not worth the $99 price.

    Since mine finally died, I’m probably not going to replace it with another one of these.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice but needs work

    • Written by Anthony F from NEW KENSINGTON

    Been using this toothbrush for 4 months now and functionally it’s very good. It fails miserably when it comes to AI and syncing. The AI must have been based on Homer Simpson. It does not connect or sync consistently. I was able to sync my toothbrush only 1 out of 10 tries and that was after much gymnastics to do so. We have 2 of these brushes. My wife uses the other. Even though they are two separate brushes with individual serial numbers and profiles, the app on my iPhone would only sync to my wife’s brush and the reverse for her brush. The toothbrush thinks that 2 minuets is it for teeth brushing. Usually, and I have had a few electronic toothbrush’s, after you turn them off the 2 minute timer resets. Not the case with this brush. Once the 2 minute timer has gone off it does not reset until the next day. I generally brush my teeth 2 minutes top and bottom. So I need to use the timer on my iPhone one of those times. As I mentioned the functionality is great, however you can get the same functionality from other electronic toothbrushes for far less money. We have both deleted the Colgate app from our iPhones.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a great toothbrush

    • Written by Peter B from Bainbridge

    I don't understand what the "feedback" means after I brush. Since I am missing spots, I'm not sure where they are so correcting is hit and miss. The brush is too small. Two minutes isn't really enough to be thorough on all your teeth, it should be programmable to go 2.5 or 3 minutes so that I can brush every area without having to hurry.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Idea, Marginal Implementation

    • Written by Kevin A from Fort Mill

    I have been using the Colgate E1 for just over a month. If I brush using "coach mode" things work pretty well, but that means you have to have your iPhone with you and initiate brushing from the iPhone. If you follow the coach instructions exactly the results are good and the system tracks the info properly. If you brush in disconnected mode and initiate brushing from the E1, the results are poor at best. The sensors in the toothbrush get confused easily and don't recognize where you are brushing and for how long in each area. This leads to inaccurate results. The price paid compared to overall performance lead me to limit my recommends for this product. Too expensive for what you get.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Idea Poorly Executed

    • Written by Gary H from Holyoke

    I bought this brush on 17 Jan. On 30 Jan a piece of the brush body fell into the sink while brushing. The internal battery and copper wire was exposed. This was not an access door, just an irregular piece of plastic that separated from the body of the brush.
    I did an online chat with Colgate and after answering questions like "How long have you used this toothpaste" was told that in 7-10 business days I'd receive a return shipping kit. Once Colgate received the broken brush, they would ship another out. So, I could wait 20+ business days to get a replacement. Unacceptable.
    Then there's the brush and app.
    The brush heads are smooth plastic. The connection with the brush is very tight, once your hands or the brush head gets wet, forget it.
    The app requires each person to connect and disconnect the brush. Every time.
    The app insists that you are in the wrong segment of your mouth while brushing fairly often causing a lower 'score' on the checkup when done.
    The app's checkup screen always shows the same text if you touch it. Plaque alert! Next time you brush pay extra attention.... This is after a 100% rating for the brushing session.

    Just not ready for primetime in either durability or function at this time. Returning for refund.

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