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    Switch nicely integrates into HomeKit

    • Written by Craig B from Vail

    I have installed 18 of these switches though out my home (have 6 more to purchase and install to finish). I needed a Homekit enabled switch and this one fit the bill. At first, I had a lot of trouble getting the Home app to recognize and install these switches. After much reading I found a youtube video on the best way to do this.

    1) Make sure Leviton's application is installed on your iPhone or iPad.
    2) Make sure your iPhone or iPad are using the same network you plan to install the dimmer on..i.e. 2.4GHz network with the same name.
    3) Power the switch. Make sure the green light is blinking quickly. (You can do a hard reset of the switch by holding the top part down for about 7 seconds, when the LED blinks Red/Yellow it has done a factory reset).
    4) Under Settings/Wi-Fi, let the phone find the Leviton switch and select it to join network. This might take a minute or so to join. The green light will blink slower. (I’ve had to power down and up some of these to be recognized). I kept my router network map opened so I can see the switch join. Even if the iPhone reports a failure, chances are it joined. You can verify with the network map.
    5) Once joined, open the Leviton application and select the add Accessory from the menu.
    6) Scan or enter the 8-digit code.
    7) The application will install the switch as well as make it accessible in the Apple Home application.
    8) Perform a Firmware Update if so prompted. About 90% of the switches needed the firmware update.

    For what it is worth, my Router is Linksys EA7500 though if I replace, I will be going with the Ubiquiti UniFi HD 802.11ac Wave 2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point (UAP-AC-HD-US) simply because it is enterprise quality and can support 500 device connections.

    The switches have been rock steady in my house. I've cycled the power, cycled the router and have had no issues with the switch dropping off line or not reconnecting to the system. I have only been using them for 4 weeks but have thrown a lot of power outages and router outages at them to verify no issues. The newest firmware seems to have solved the earlier problem with these dimmers.

    They are very fast (instantaneous in fact) when controlling the switch from the Apple Home Application. Siri takes a little longer since it has a round trip from your home to Apple's server and back. My biggest problem has been developing a naming convention for device for ease of use with Siri.

    It is really cool to setup Automations so when we arrive home late, the Homekit will sense the presence of our phones and turn on the appropriate lights. Also, setup several scenes to turn on all lights and turn the fans and lights off for sleep.

    I was an Automation Engineer in my later career as an EE. Very involved Transmission, Distribution, and Substation automation when the Home Automation was the big thing in the mid-2000's. I said then the technology was not there. Now fast forward to 2019 (15 years later) and we are there, and it is getting better.

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    Installed 12 switches and dimmers over 12 months with few issues

    • Written by Kenneth M from Marlborough

    I've installed 12 Leviton smart switches with Apple HomeKit over the course of the past year. Whatever early problems Leviton had with the switches appear to be resolved with the firmware update that was released early last year. I've never had a switch fail even with a few power outages.

    After installing the switches, be sure to check for firmware updates and install them.

    I did have to call Leviton support on a switch that would not pair with HomeKit. I waited about 10 minutes to get to the right technician. He suggested rebooting my iPad, which I did. Then he had me reset the switch to its factory settings by depressing the toggle up for 14 seconds. I had tried this previously and it did not make any difference. But what he had me do next, did work. He told me to power down the switch for 5 seconds before trying to program and pair it. I did that and it paired instantly when I tried it in the Leviton app. What I noticed afterward was that this was the first switch that I installed that had the latest firmware already loaded, so it's possible that's why I encountered this problem. I suspect the latest firmware may have a minor issue when first pairing. If so, the workaround is easy enough.

    My suggestion is that if you have a problem, call Leviton's support line.

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    9 Switches over 3 months, NO complaints.

    • Written by Jef S from Cary

    These switches have been great and I've had no issues since installing them. I've installed one or two a weekend for the last few months with no issues. One I had to try twice to upgrade the firmware but that's been my only hiccup. So easy for my son to say Hey Siri, his name and goodnight. His lights all shut off, night light with two fans pop on, sets his alarm for 6:30 and ocean waves start to play. Not bad for an 8 year old!

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    Great Switch

    • Written by Timothy P from Brooklyn Park

    This switch has worked flawlessly. I have 7 of these switches and not a problem. Very simple to setup, I did not even use their app, just click add device in home kit and scan the code. That simple. For 3 way switch applications you need to buy an additional remote switch.

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    Amazing!!!! Works Best on iOS11

    • Written by Luis R from Norwalk

    Bought 2 of these to automate some lights in the house and have some voice control using the HomePod. Best thing ever!!!!. Its been over a month and still work perfectly. Make sure to have your phone up to date. This works with my HomePod, Apple TV 4k, Apple Watch and iPhone. Easy to setup too, this is amazing!

    Make sure you use white wire when connecting your switch otherwise it won't work. I did have to do some wiring (not a professional) but i'm not afraid to try things and everything came out great!!! will get 3 more to do the master bedroom and exterior lights.

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    So far so Great

    • Written by Rajib G from Morgantown

    So far so great, does the job perfectly. Trouble free for the first month of its run, hope stays the same. Installing was super easy too.

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    Leviton Light Switch and Dimmer

    • Written by PENGTA C from CARLSBAD

    Bought a switch for the Kitchen and dimmer for the Family Room. Has been working with homekit and voice command with HomePod without any problems. With the dimmer you can set it to gradually brighten when turned on or dim over seconds when switched off.

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