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    All shelving options are not usable for the iMac.

    The HiRise Pro will only allow you to use the top 2 shelving positions for your iMac. This is a huge disappointment, since it contradicts their website description and numerous press releases and advertisements. In fact, the animated graphic on their website shows the iMac being set in different positions.

    The lowest shelf position will not accommodate the iMac. The second lowest shelf will allow it to fit, but you will lose some motion for your display. Tilting downward will cause the display to hit the top of the HiRise Pro. Only the top 2 shelves are usable.

    This brings me to my next point. 12 South "recommends" Shelves 3 and 4 (the top two) for the iMac in their manual. First, this is not a recommendation, but a requirement. Second, this should be prominently featured in all descriptions for this product. Not something you learn once its paid for and shipped. It's either dishonesty or oversight.

    Be sure you want your Display in one of the top two heights listed on their website before purchasing. If you do, it's otherwise very well built.

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    Great Stand

    This matches the new iMac Pro beautifully. It also matches my walnut desk perfectly. Easy to assemble, no screws required. Brings the iMac up to a reasonable height. Lots of storage inside. Highly recommend.

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