• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Way fun in spite of several drawbacks

    • Written by Sharon S from Overland Park

    In spite of the scathing reviews of this product and its associated app, I decided to buy it to check it out, planning to return it if it did not meet my expectations. Although there are certainly some negatives, the bottom line is I decided to keep it.
    Pro—This gimbal is way cool. It truly does what I was hoping it would do.
    Con—Dealing with the DJI Go app is beyond frustrating, and documentation is poor.
    Helpful hints—the absolute worst part is getting the footage out of the DJI Go app onto your computer. You can transfer it to Camera Roll on the iPhone, but once in Camera Roll I found it impossible to get it out of there onto my computer in the standard way I do it (by going through image capture or air drop). I found a helpful suggestion that works and is the ONLY way I can do it—plug phone into computer—>open iTunes—>click on your phone in iTunes—>go to File Sharing (which looks like the App Store app)—>DJI Go—>copy the ‘hg300 storage’ folder onto your computer. This folder doesn’t open up any further in iTunes so you can’t copy just the latest movies. So I delete the folder and files in the DJI Go app when I have successfully transferred my files so it doesn’t take up unwanted space on my phone.
    Other comments—I read you can’t record in 4k with it. Actually I could do that through the DJI Go app, just not with the Slow Motion function which only records at 1280x720 60p. You can also record through the iPhone Camera app, you just lose a few functions (zoom, for one) on the gimbal. I had trouble switching between the ‘one click’ modes on the gimbal. The click had to be VERY short for it to work for me.
    In spite of the above cons, this gimbal is really fun to use.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall great gimbal for the price

    • Written by Wesley V from Apollo Beach

    Definitely liking the Osmo M2, however was expecting something not so plasticky, unlike the one in the marketing or “reveal” video shown on their site (NOTE: stabilizer portion is all metal, handle/grip however is plastic). Although I am favoring the more affordable price point, which was likely achieved due to going plastic. Also a bit disappointed in the “case” although again, can’t complain too much due to the attractive price point. The case is at least functional, and beats not having one at all. Only have had a chance to use it a couple times, but have noticed my iPhone 6s battery drains FAST! Definitely not a fan about that, but also probably why they added the additional USB port in order to charge your mobile device. Would give it a five star rating, had the build quality of the handle/grip been metal instead of plastic (and the case been a legit one, instead of pressed styrofoam), but then I probably would not have one if that were the case, as it would likely have been out of my price range, so meh~

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    good stick but it take a lot of time to setup

    • Written by chung O from el paso

    great stick, great controls, but it very hard to setup, and wifi is hard to find.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does Iphone X feel too heavy?

    • Written by Ryan T from La Crescenta

    I just spent the morning playing with my Mobile 2 and I couldn't get the Iphone to be perfectly level when it was in landscape mode. It almost seems like rig cant fully support the weight of the phone in landscape mode. Portrait mode is fine though. Anyone else have this problem? Maybe I just need to secure the phone a little tighter?

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