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    Great Product, Easy Set Up

    Title say it all. Set up took less than half an hour and was really simple, just followed the instructions provided through the phone application. After install there's a notable speed improvement on all phones, laptops and desktops. Network status and control through the phone application is really useful.

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    My experience with Velop by Linksys

    As I unpackaged the Velop system the first thing that one notices is there isn't any excessive packaging. No books or messy paperwork. You get your nodes, in my case I purchased the 2 node model from apple.com , as well as starter guide that simply tells you to download the app which is available through the Apple App Store or Google, and follow the app instructions.

    The App is very user friendly. I mean step by step, picture book guided, easy. You just plug the first node into the router and wait a few minutes and it guides you to the next step. The app will also help you know if the placement of the node is going to give you the best results for your network.
    After completing the initial setup which took me about 30 minutes because of cable management aesthetics for my home, otherwise it was closer to 15 minutes I began customizing. One of the great features is that the network allows you to prioritize your wifi equipment. Because we want to have the best results for AppleTV I placed it as priority one. Next the iMac which we stream from all the time and third went to my iPad.
    You can also setup a guest network if you want one for friends and or visitors that you are alright with them using your internet but don't want them into your external hard drives that might be included in your home network or other files you might not be keen on staring.
    You also have parental control if the kids should get off the internet and start doing homework.

    The repost access though the app has been a tad unreliable as in it takes a long time for it to connect if I am out of range of home but this is not as important to me as a user as the other features.
    I was able to plug all of the other items I needed to the ports underneath the nodes such as my Hue hub.
    The app has a speed test built right into it. I was excited to see the results by eliminating my Apple router from the mix (more on that later) and the result was incredible. This is an actual screen shot of my results.
    I played with the notion of creating a Bridge Network and utilizing my Apple Time Capsule over the wifi. The downside of this is that it disables a lot of the aforementioned features. I decided to utilize the Time Capsule as a network hard drive and now I back up that way from my MacBook wirelessly.

    In conclusion I feel like this system is very much worth the money if your concerned about getting what you pay for with your service provider and have a lot of devices in your home and you need a lot of square feet coverage.

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    Very good coverage

    This Mesh router is easy to install and setup and works very good. I recommend this to anyone who has a fairly large house with spotty WIFI coverage. I have 2 floors and a basement and started to get 3 the 3 NOD Pack. However, after installing the 2 pack, (1 on each floor) the entire house, the front yard and backyard is fully covered.

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    Very good mesh solution

    I purchased a 2 pack and found that setup was easy, overage and capacity have both been very sold. The Apple allows for a grange of confirmation types and options which are also easy to setup. I went with the white model and they look great in my home as well, A+ Linksys!

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