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    My wife loves this product more than I do which is hard to believe.

    • Written by George P from Overland Park

    We moved into a new home and found the contractor wanted $100 to install standard dimmers. I balked thinking I would install my own. We were talking with our electrician and he said to use Control 4 or Caseta. Control 4 is crazy expensive and you have no control only the installer does. So I thought I would install a few smart dimmers and see what I thought. They are very easy to install and program. They also have a remote option that solves the problem of 3 way or 4 way switches. They do not require a ground so they are easy to install in older homes. It takes me 20 minutes start to finish to install and program the switches.

    Now the down side. I love them so much I began placing them all through the the house and garage. I am addicted. I had no light switches in the garage. No problem you can wall mount the remotes and they look like standard switches. I have a remote at my bedside and I can control the lights in the bathroom. My wife sets up scenes and now she controls them. We were in California and could turn the lights on and off as well as program them.

    My wife had a designer come help decorate Christmas lights. I was able to program the new plug in a lamp dimmer from work while they worked. He was blown away.

    The only real short coming is the luton app has a limit of 50 switches which includes the remotes. I hit that pretty fast. I called support and they said they had no solution...... but I found Apple home kit solves the problem. I had to buy another starter kit and add another email to that kit. Apple Home kit sees them both and they work flawlessly as one. I currently have 84 switches and remotes.

    I use some Wemo switches but found them unsatisfactory. My wife hates them. They require a grounding wire and not as easy to control. They integrate well with apple home kit however.

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