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    dB ????

    • Written by Thorleif L from Tønsberg

    By far the loudest noise in my house.

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    Love the Dock, hate the light

    • Written by Neil A from AUCKLAND

    This is a fantastic storage solution and a minimalist's dream. It provides ample storage (I bought the 20TB version), security with the RAID configuration, and the front and rear ports are great in that I can clear my desk of all unwanted cables, add-ons and clutter.
    It is really fast too. Faster than anything else I've had previously.
    I'm a photographer and can quickly, easily and tidily download a shoot through the front ports straight into Lightroom.
    BUT! That blue eye constantly looking at me and lighting up the office. It's not even a uniform blue light - being a convex shape it reflects all the ceiling and window lights as well.
    There is a solution though: I got a piece of thin brushed aluminium 116 x 33mm and drilled a 2mm hole in it to cover the blue beacon, put some double sided tape on the back and stuck it over the top panel. Now it looks in keeping with the rest of my Apple gear and I get a 2mm indicator light shining through the hole instead of a Pink Floyd concert. Perfect.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Samuel F from Durham

    The LaCie 16TB 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 RAID Storage is amazing, and here is why:
    -it is NOT annoyingly loud
    - I have never had any connection issues
    - It has quick loading times
    - it has many ports

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