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    Very useful, though a bit disappointing.

    • Written by Bruce C from Framingham

    I'm a software developer and purchased one of these so I could get some work done with my MacBook Pro when there was no convenient source of power. And this product does deliver on that, though I feel like it only gives me an extra hour or two. But I might be using the MacBook Pro significantly heavier than the average user. So I was a little disappointed in that, but don't regret buying this product. It's also handy for powering my iPhone and Android phones and tablets. (As a mobile software developer, I need to use a wide assortment of devices.)

    I was disappointed that it didn't come with a power adapter, but the MacBook Pro power adapter serves the purpose reasonably well, especially since it can pass through power to the MacBook Pro as it charges (slowly, in that case).

    My other complaint is more subtle and probably not important to most. I develop firmware for intelligent headsets and am involved with the process to download updates to the software within the intelligent headset. One requirement for doing these updates is knowing whether the headset is connected to a source of power. Unfortunately, after the headset and Mophie are both fully charged, things go into a state where the headset can't tell that it is still connected to power and therefore does not want to proceed with the firmware updating process, even though it should. But, no doubt, most of you don't need to worry about things like that!

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