• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple, are you kidding?

    • Written by Jorge V from Liverpool

    I never imagined writing a bad review on this website, I understand this is not an Apple devise buy selling this garbage on the apple store should be embarrassed for the company, there are not words to express how disappointed I am with this router, I had Google Wifi and decide give this router a try since the specifications are very competitive and I never care about the money when the quality is the best, but after an hour of using this I decide to repacked and give it ready for return tomorrow morning, the app on the iPhone is frustrating, slooooooow and always show the router is offline when is not, I guess?! the connected devices section is not accurate, the upgrade process was a pain in the neck and I assume the process concluded because the router restarted after a while because the app never show the progress of the installation, the prioritization device never work, I live in a medium square apartment, placed the router centered to cover all the area and the signal is poor in every corner and the speed test results is OMG, I am done with this @#$#@#$#@ And after a while writing this review a question comes to my head, did I purchased a brand new product or a refurbished devise that never was refurbished? NO!! I did not, I paid $194.35 for a piece of plastic that make me feel that I am throwing my money away. Apple, I thing you know what are you doing, right? but I was expecting no more than what you are promoting on your website and I thing as a customer than have believe in Apple for years that you have to reconsider selling this product on your store.Thank you for everything else.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Complete waste of money

    • Written by Adrien D from NY

    Easy to set up but completely useless. I bought this because I found my Spectrum WiFi to not be very reliable and fast - and I would often not get signal in my bedroom (note: I live in Manhattan and apartments are not that big to begin with). This did not change anything to my situation. The WiFi is still not that great even when sitting next to it and I still don’t get signal in my room half of the time. Whether it’s on my computer or my computer or my phone or my tablet I did not see a difference. Very disappointed...

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