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    Constant Problems

    • Written by Taylor S from Seattle

    I purchased this router last October to replace an Airport Extreme that I had never had a single problem with. I wanted to replace the Extreme because Apple was no longer going to support the product. Initially I had no issues with the router but for devices that only work with 2.4 GHz network, this router presents a challenge because it seeks out the best channels automatically and the product loses functionality if you create different networks. When attempting to get my FitBit Scale connected, I called Tech Support and was walked through an extremely complicated process that ultimately did not result in success with getting the scale connected. The scale worked fine with the Airport Extreme but I have not been able to get it to work with the Velop. I also experienced slow speeds with my ISP which is 100mbps service. The router was throttling back my speeds to 10mbps. I had my ISP come out to check their connect and the speeds were in the 90's for both upload and download without the router. The technician indicated that there was something wrong with the actual router itself. He brought up one of the routers they used and the speed was as advertised for my service. I should note that I live in a high-rise and this is digital service.

    I called Linksys Tech Support and spent two hours on the phone doing a reset and going through tests that all resulted in the same failure only now, my connection was only intermittent. After 3 hours, they agreed to send out a replacement which did not ship out until two days later and that will not arrive until 5 days from now making it a 9 day window. In the meantime, I have poor to no connectivity which is very disturbing given the fact that I work from home when not traveling.

    I really wish Apple would bring back the Airport Extreme. My experience with the Linksys product has been very poor.

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