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    Water on Demand!

    • Written by David G from El Cerrito

    The Eve Aqua is the most recently addition to my Eve family of smart products. I was looking for a product like this for sometime because of the nature of my current irrigation system. I have the Rachio for the main Irrigation valves, which works quite well for sprinkler automation, but there is a large area of my yard where I do not have any PVC or Poly hose laid, therefore its all manual watering.

    The Eve Aqua allowed me to take a simple garden hose and $15 lawn watering attachment from any hardware store and turn it into a fully automated watering system, including "on demand" via Siri on my smart phone or using the Eve App. The product is extremely easy to use, like most Eve products. I loved the voice activation, but in the times where you leave your Smart Phone inside the house, you can press the on/off button on the front of the unit which is nice.

    There are some nice safety measures- like Child Lock and also an auto shut-off to prevent over watering. You can schedule the times you want the water to turn on, similar to a smart irrigation system (I set mine to go 10 min after the main system ends). The App works similar to other Eve products and tracks your usage. Much needed in the CA drought years.

    The unit is BlueTooth like other Eve products I have used. What does this mean? It means that you have to be in BT range for the command to be issued to the unit, OR you need an AppleTV that uses HomeKit for the automation. For me, I already had an AppleTV, so that was no problem. The unit was really installed quick easily, comes with batteries (simple thing, but nice gesture) and seems to be well made.

    The product functions perfectly, and the only real "ding" or "con" I could say is that it doesn't have some kind locking mech, so if your hose is on the street and accessible, someone could come and take it off the hose and steal it. Not sure what Elgato could have done with that, other than adding some kinda suitcase style lock to it. I would not really consider this to be any kinda reason to pass this product up.

    I am very happy to have found this - another great product in a Smart home family of toys!

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