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    The edges are not sticking (do not buy) get the privacy one instead

    • Written by Mike M from Redwood City

    I had 7 of them replaced six by Belkin and two by Apple finally I gave up. I have contacted Belkin to alert them of the defective product, it seems their manufacturer has lead them astray a possible manufacturing process is out of control or not meeting the spec. Belkin makes good stuff but even the best of the best sometimes fall short. Buy the less expensive one which is the anti glare one, or the glass on that has the privacy feature the edges are good on those. Just bought one today 05/03/2019

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    On my 3rd one...

    • Written by Stella C from san jose

    The first one I had was lifting in the corners before I even left the store so I walked back and had them put on a new one after reading how common a problem that seemed to be once people got it home. The second one had big scratches and a crack after about a week but since it was still under Apple's 2-week return policy I was able to take it back to get it replaced for free. They let me know that if it happened again outside of that window, I would have to go through Belkin's warranty program...which of course, it did about 3 weeks later. Belkin's website was a mess to register the product so I simply called their customer service, followed the prompts, and read them the numbers from my apple store receipt. It was easier than I thought but to be clear, they will not replace it if you say there are CRACKS. ONLY SCRATCHES. They got my mailing address to send me a new one and said if I didn't want to put it on myself I could take it back to the apple store to have them do it for me.

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    If Yours Will Stick These Are Great.

    • Written by Rod B from Tampa

    To be honest, I rarely have great success with screen protectors and this is no exception. I do like these Belkin protectors, especially if the Apple Store applies them with the Belkin Magic Screen Installation Machine. But I'm already on my 2nd protector. The first one had a defect. The second one installed well, but after just a few days, the bottom left corner was not adhering and when a screen protector doesn't adhere, it looks cloudy. Let's be honest, for $40, these should adhere without issue. Especially if Apple is installing it.

    I went back to the Apple Store to have this one replaced and they were out of them. They took my number and email and promised to reach out to me when they're back in stock. Whether they will or not is yet to be proven.

    But, I went out and did some reading on some blogs on common solutions for screen protectors that don't adhere at the edge and one trick seems to have worked. The article suggested I take a towel and very lightly dampen it (VERY LIGHTLY DAMP) and use the lightly dampened towel to push it back down. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. Low and behold it worked. You have to use some real force to get the air out and for the protector to lay flat and adhere. It's now been 2 days and the bottom left corner has not come back up.

    I'll keep an eye on it and if it doesn't last long term, I'll get yet a 3rd one installed at my Apple Store, but you might want to try this and see if it helps you.

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    Overpriced for what it is

    • Written by Justin L from san diego

    The installation is easy - comes with a tray to place your iPhone XS Max into and fairly easy to line up the film with the arrow on the bottom. Few gripes - wish there were more than one 'alignment point' - it's at the very bottom so if you don't line it up perfectly, you won't know until you get to the bottom and have to unstick the film which can cause bubbles. Also, at this price, alcohol wipes should be included. Only a cloth and dust removal sticker is included and this is the first 'high-end' price screen protector kit that I've purchased that does not include alcohol wipes. All in all, not bad but definitely overpriced.

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