• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great VOC measurements, nice improvements

    • Written by Joseph L from Chicago

    First off, a big improvement from the first EVE Indoor Air Quality monitor. The rechargeable battery is a nice add. Once again, the build quality and display are quite nice. I bought this primarily for the Air Quality metrics (VOC). Humidity is a nice-to-have, and temperature doesn't really matter to me since my thermostat is quite accurate.

    Easy pairing with the EVE app, and accurate readings so far (I'm only 2 days into ownership, but I'll update this review if I have any reason to question the accuracy). I'd subtract a half star due to the fact that you need to go into the EVE app in order to change the display from Celcius to Fahrenheit, although I'm assuming that this is a change that most people will only need to make once.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Much improved Eve Room!

    • Written by TK H

    The latest Eve Room from Eve Systems measures and records the air quality (VOC) of a room as well as the temperature and the humidity. It has a nice display in a sleek aluminum body.

    Just as all other Eve products, it took me seconds to scan the code on the device with iPhone's Eve app (free) to register it as a HomeKit device. Now I can see the air quality, the temperature and the humidity on my iPhone. (If you have AppleTV or HomePod, you can access the data remotely.)

    Eve Room has a Micro USB port to charge. One full charge should last for 6+ weeks. This is a huge improvement over the original Eve Room, which needed 3 AA batteries to be replaced every 3 months.

    The display makes it easy to check temperature, humidity, and especially air quality. If I see the air quality decline on the Eve Room display or on my iPhone, it's a good time for me to open a window to get fresh air!

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