• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Seriously Amazing Case but choose your color wisely

    • Written by CORY L from Brooklyn

    There is one or two online reviews of this case, and they only reviewed the blue denim model. Their dislike of a case because of its jean looks are subjective; however the Graphite case with its Indigo interior maybe one of the most aesthetically pleasing and well made design put out by any case designer. After my wife purchased hers, I’d been eyeing one for myself. The construction makes the envelope structurally stiff which protects your macbook pro. It has a professional look and feel and quite honestly is a case designed for professionals. The magnetic closure feels secure as does the fit. The only negative, is that outside of graphite the rest of the color/material options are quite contentious. What I mean is that the denim colors are cut and sewn to look like your laptop is wrapped in a pair of jeans. I’ve noticed that in store it has elicited strong responses. The pink option reminds me of a Kate Spade type color. We both were drawn to the graphite option and have loved it since.

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