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    42W is simply not enough power for a MacBook Pro

    • Written by Philseok K from Waltham

    It is a 42W adapter (30W for charging MBP 12W to charge iPads or iPhones) as compared to the regular 87W USB-C adapter. So even if you are not charging anything but your MBP, if you run some energy-intensive (I wouldn't even call it 'intensive') tasks like running Mail, Slack, Chrome in the background and playing a game (e.g. Civ 5), your MBP will stop charging! When you check the Activity Monitor, the game alone is giving >100% energy impact which I never had any issues with the regular 87W adapter. Therefore, I can hardly find any reliable use of this charger and I'd like to return it if I had the original box it came with.

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    Anker PowerCore ??

    • Written by Joseph N from Glendale

    Well it sounds like a good Idea, the truth of the matter is it just does not have enough battery power.
    I bought this because it has a USB-A and a USB-C output, and my mophie battery pac only has USB-A outputs only.
    I have a IPhone Xmax and an IPad Pro 11inch.
    It is hard to find the specs but the battery is only 5000mah
    My mophie battery pac is 10000mah and it last and can charge my phone my headphones everything no problem, it just does not have USB-C.

    Anyway I tried to charge my IPad Pro 11inch with it and it would not, I had to plug it in to finish charging it And I tried to charge my phone IPhone X Max and it was only able to charge it 1.5 times, i think that is not good, I am not one who uses my device till it has a total dead battery, they were at 25 to 30 percent.

    My thought is if you are the kind of person that is going to buy a back up battery pac you may need a lot of power. I would recommend getting one of the mophie battery pacs with a higher MAH rating, thats what I am going to do get the mophie usb-c 3XL.

    I am not saying this is a bad product it works, BUT I am saying it may not be for everyone, if you have an iphone only or an older iphone or an older ipad , a watch, it may be good for you. if you don't have to depend on battery backup or don't mind recharging it after every use, great.
    But if you find you are not around an outlet and may have to charge your phone more than one not so good.

    I usually don't write reviews because I find some people are either totally really negative and bash the product or they make it sound like the best thing ever, I just wanted to let whoever reads my review my experience with the product and they can choose for themselves.

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