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    Nice concept, but needs improvement

    • Written by Jason P from Paramus

    The PowerCore Fusion is a neat idea - one device that replaces the need to carry both a power brick wall charger and a portable battery for your MacBook. I was looking to get an extra power adapter for my mid-2017 MacBook 12" anyway, so figured I'd give the PowerCore a shot.

    1) The PowerCore is about twice the size of the OEM Apple 30W charger (from a total volume/weight/mass perspective); so while it takes up less space than the OEM charger + most portable batteries, it's still a pretty big brick to be plugging into a wall outlet. And at almost 9oz, it's about 1/4 of the weight of my MacBook 12.

    2) Used as a portable battery, the PowerCore charges my MacBook 12 at less than half the speed vs OEM power adapter. It's an imperfect method, but I can estimate this because OSX tells you how much time is left before the MacBook is fully charged; however, when the PowerCore is plugged into an outlet and used as a wall charger, it charges my MacBook at the same rate as the OEM charger.

    3) Used as a portable battery, the PowerCore cannot charge my iPhone XS (through the USB A port) and my MacBook at the same time. The iPhone will charge, but clicking on the battery icon on my MacBook shows the laptop is either not charging, or charging at a VERY slow rate where there's some ridiculous time left before battery is full (e.g., +8hrs until full, even though my battery level is at like 75%). I don't know if this will apply to all phones, but it certainly does for my XS.

    4) This point is less relevant once you're aware of the previous point, but it's worth noting. When I had both the iPhone and MacBook plugged into the PowerCore as a portable battery, and then I unplugged just the iPhone (since it was preventing my MacBook from being charged), the MacBook would still continue to fail to charge. It was only after I unplugged the MacBook and reconnected it back to the PowerCore battery that it started charging again.

    So overall, I'm torn on whether to keep it. On the one hand, it's limited based on the observations mentioned above, but on the other hand, there aren't many small (5000-10000 mAh) portable batteries out there that are capable of charging a laptop. Certainly not many that are also made by a reputable brand (which Anker is) and is reasonably priced (~$50, which would put the total cost of the OEM charger + battery on the same level as this $100 PowerCore). Given that, the PowerCore is probably worth keeping as long as you're aware of its limitations.

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    This is the thing to get

    • Written by Ted G from Mesa

    Ignore the other portable batteries and just buy this. Its a bit expensive but its AWESOME. It will even charge my 12" macbook from the devices battery as long as the lid is closed!! (its not advertised to do that).

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