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    crashing from the first moment I used it.

    • Written by Tony H from Almere

    At first it seemed to work well connecting to buy lg ultraFine 4k over thunderbolt 3. then I tried World of Warcraft on it and it started crashing every 30 minutes or so.

    Now I can't even get it running. Once I connect it to my MacBook Pro 13 2017, it simply crashes my MBP.

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    Overpriced and causes 2018 13 macbook pro to crash

    • Written by Larry S from LAS VEGAS

    Used this devicce for over a month, constent crashing and no support from Blackmagic and or apple. I purchased a Razer GPU at a fraction of the price. I have this sitting in the closet now since it is just a huge paper weight.

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    Degrades performance on iMac 5K display

    • Written by Jesus A from Albuquerque

    Apple explicitly claims, "With macOS Mojave, you can now use an eGPU to accelerate compatible apps on the built-in display of any Thunderbolt 3–enabled Mac."

    This is false.

    If only using the built-in display on a 5K iMac, the performance is actually worse than with the internal GPU.
    I have confirmed the eGPU is being used by the apps using the Activity Monitor.

    in the latest Photoshop CC version, with the eGPU pasting images onto a document renders extremely slowly, similar to how images load on a browser over a slow connection. Without the eGPU, the pasting is instant.

    Playing World of Warcraft on the internal GPU I was able to get between 40-60fps on high settings and 5K resolution.
    With the eGPU, the fps dropped to 20-30.

    There is no improvement on any application tested with the eGPU. In some specific cases, the performance actually degrades compared to not using the eGPU at all.

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