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    Why is everyone giving this such bad reviews?

    IN MY OPINION... I've been hesitant to buy this mouse mainly because it has a 2/5 star rating at the moment, and I don't get it! Maybe there's some "operator error" happening (no offense) or maybe some folks received defective mice. Either way, I'm a graphic designer on my computer all day long, and this mouse performs every function for me without any problem. Someone said that the "right clicks" are hit or miss - I have to disagree. You definitely have to be on the far right side to get it to "right click", but I don't feel like I'm going out of my way to to this. The scrolling is also very nice - again, I don't feel like it's jerky in any way, if anything, it's quick and quiet! It's basically like having your Macbook trackpad in a mouse. And I prefer this mouse WAY MORE than the wireless one. Now that mouse drives me nuts - talk about hit or miss. Comparing this corded mouse to my Vizio and Dell mice that I've used, it functions just as well and looks a million times nicer. Way to go Apple.

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    These mice are amazing!!

    The Mighty Mouse is absolutely amazing, I use them every single day. When they start to only scroll up, the easiest fix is this... Either grab a clean paper towel and some rubbing alcohol or some diabetic alcohol swab packets... rub the ball in every single direction for about 5 minutes and it cleans the shiite out of it. Works awesome!!!!

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    Love this mouse.

    I've used several of these (starting with the original wireless version) since it was introduced and absolutely love it. It feels good and substantial and the scroll ball is wonderful (just keep your hands clean, and you'll be fine). I've tried the magic mouse a few times and it drives me nuts. I've found I can depend on this mouse to help me navigate the system with ease, dexterity and speed.

    On the few occasions the scroll ball has gotten too dirty to respond, the paper trick has worked every time, and very quickly.

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