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    Found the Problem!

    I've had my 15" MacBook for almost a year now and I was really concerned when it stopped charging, the light on my power adapter wouldn't turn on and the computer wouldn't recognize that it was plugged in. The problem started out intermittently, I would plug the cord in and the either the light wasn't on or the computer wouldn't recognize it was charging. For a few days I simply had to unplug the cord from the wall and computer and replug it in in (to wall then computer, never computer then wall) and it would start charging again.
    Eventually it stopped working all together. Reading all the reviews online I was sure my charger had completely died and that I would have to get a whole new one. I called the 1-800-MY-APPLE in case the problem was fixable.

    IT WAS. Please, please PLEASE TRY THIS BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW CORD. I would've been beyond PO'ed if I'd bought a new cord just to find this was the problem all along.The tech support guy instructed me to push the small metal prongs inside the magsafe connector (the part that plugs into the comp) in and out several times, because sometimes debris can become caught inside it. MY LAPTOP IS NOW CHARGING! He did say to keep an eye on it and that sometimes they do completely die, But at least I know that my adapter can and probably will last longer than a year!

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    Good but overpriced

    I have had my MacBook Pro 13" for over 3 years and the power adapter is just now starting to malfunction. Although I am disappointed with the price, mine did seem to last longer than a lot of the other reviews that I have read on here. I'm hoping that since it's been 3 years they've made improvements to it. But, I agree that Apple needs to lower the price!!!! I was shocked when I saw how much it costs to replace it.

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    My Charger Died Today

    So, I had my macbook pro 13inch for nearly over a year and its been working fine until today i tried to charge it and the light on the charger wasn't going on. i thought it was my outlet, but i plug it into a diff outlet and still nothing. i was looking at the other the reviews cuz i thought it was something i did to it when i cleaned it. I keep my macbook clean and neat. so when i looking thru the reviews theres been alot of disappointment and i'm one of them. i love Apple products, but really Apple? Don't you think at least read people reviews and improve your products. and $60-$80 is a bit to high for a charger. $40-$50 is a reasonable price. just my opinion. thank you for reading

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    Do all apple's products line up for happy fun time in a lava plume? I can't do anything with the charger without it overheating.

    After 2-3 months, the light kept going orange even though the computer was fully charged and then even eventually went off. The charger's extension cord stopped working, so I was forced to use the wall adapter. That just overheated now and it's no longer working.

    Maybe I should consider myself one of the lucky ones since I've had the macbook pro for a little more than a year, but I'm still surprised that a multi-million dollar company can't make their computer life source not overheat.

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    Great, but bends too easily

    I love the overall design of this charger, but I had a problem where it bent too much to get to my outlet and the wires are now exposed. I am disappointed that the new one costs $79 (for a charger?!) as well. I am going to get the old one when I can for $40. I've heard it is better.

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    A little disappointed.

    I definitely like this design for the Magsafe feature better, but because the cord thickness has still not been changed, the lifetime is short. I've had my MacBookPro since July '10 ... not even two years later I have to fiddle with the wire and coil it a certain way for it to continue charging. And because the cord is light and not noticeable people are constantly tripping over it and/or pulling it from my laptop. While I know this is the point, so your laptop doesn't end on the floor, but the last time it happened the magnet piece stayed and the cord part came out. The nub at the top of the wire looks like if you were to jimmy it back it it would continue to work, but that was not the case. Now I have to purchase a new power cord because the institution that I purchased my MacBookPro from doesn't cover that kind of damage.

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    Came back to life

    Original mac adapter that came with the laptop lasted for about 2.5 years.

    It was well taken care of and wasn't battered and bruised. The wings were used to wrap the cord, but I was careful to keep wire damage to a minimum because I know that the cord can bend too much and break at the ends. I often kept the adapter plugged in because I don't carry my macbook around that much.

    Towards the end of the 2.5 years I noticed that it was having trouble connecting to and charging the laptop. I would plug it in and no light would turn on. So I would try to wiggle the cord just right and then keep it in this delicate position while the laptop charged. I checked the charging port and the head of the adapter to make sure that those were fine. I checked the power outlet and the plug connectors. I concluded that there was some problem with the actual power supply.

    I took it to the mac store and the person used one of their mac adapters to charge my laptop so it was clear that my macbook wasn't the problem. Then the worker tried to use my adapter to charge the laptop and nothing happened. The worker told me, that the adapter is broken and that I will have to buy a new one. That was the whole diagnosis of the problem. Unimpressed and disappointed, I shelled out the money for a new adapter.

    I took extra care of this new adapter because I didn't want it to fail too. Again it was mostly plugged in and not abused. This time I didn't even use the wings on the adapter to wrap the cord. In fact I rarely wrapped the cord at all this was to make sure that the cord was totally intact. After about 1 year the same problem started to happen again. I plug it in and nothing happens, so I wiggle the cord until the light turns on and starts charging. It goes on like this for about a month then finally it just stops working. Again I checked my outlets and the connections and determined it was the power supply that wasn't working. At this point I'm pretty upset and disappointed in the product. I looked online and found that this seems to be a common problem.

    Amidst my anger and frustration with the adapter I remembered that I hadn't thrown away the old adapter. So as a kind of desperate attempt to charge my laptop I went and found the original adapter which had been sitting in a box for a year and tried using it to charge the laptop. Amazingly it came back to life and started working - started charging the computer!!

    I'm not sure why the old adapter started working again. Maybe it is because I leave the adapter plugged in often. Maybe it just needed a break from electric current or something. I will try using the newer adapter again in a month and see if it will work or if it really is dead. I've only been using the re-awoken adapter for a couple of days, but I hope it keeps working. So I guess my advice to those who have had the adapter fail would be :

    1) don't throw it away just yet
    2) try testing it again after letting it rest for sometime (hopefully less than a year!)

    I really hope Apply looks into our complaints about the product.

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    Not so good

    it ripped after using it for less than a year

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    They were right

    I REALLY wish I would have seen these reviews earlier, say before an important assignment was due!!! I might have bought a spare earlier. As others have mentioned my charger suddenly quit on me one day without warning. The day before I had to wiggle it a little to get it to charge, but thought nothing of it. I regret that now.

    I rated it a three because I don't know if I am just unlucky. My mother has my old MacBook that is about two years older than my current one (a late 2009 13") and that cord has never been replaced, despite the fact that aside from being about 5 or 6 years old, hers also takes more wear and tear.

    I love all things Apple and knew going in that this would be an expensive "habit", but I figured I would be getting what I paid for. I have in everything but this...
    Unfortunately, the company is so exclusive that there is nothing I can do but take the hit and buy a new adapter, THEIR adapter, and pray this one has a better life...

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    Doesn't last

    I've had this for less than a year and it's already broken. I love that it's magnetic, but thats the only good thing about it. The rubber cracked a little while ago and I taped it right away and now it's stopped working completely.

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    Frayed cords

    I have used a hot glue gun to coat the portion of the cord that is frayed and overlap onto area that is not frayed. As the glue starts to get hard, just mold it around the cord. This worked great for me and saved me from buying another cord. It would be best to do this sooner before the fraying gets too bad.

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    The Price is So Expensive so i repair it my self

    After 3 years since i bought Macbook it finally broke.i think apple should rethink about new design for the power cord, the cable inside the cord easily broke, since the cable had a circle shape so the cable inside the cord is easiy to twist, so over time will break up the wiring inside the cord, so rather than buy new magsafe for $80 i decide to repair it myself. it so easy :)

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    Ok, but the last one is better

    I own the black MacBook, purchased in April 2008. The power cord just died, so I bought this one. It works OK most of the time, but doesn't quite fit right. The magnetic part of the original one (the slightly larger white one, with the block and cord coming of perpendicularly) fit securely, and this one seems a little smaller for the hole, and slides around. The magnet does hold tight, but sometimes the little gold pieces on the inside don't meet up, so even when it's attached, it's not charging. Not horrible, but just not quite right for my computer :-(. Oh well! Hopefully, it'll be time for a new computer before too long anyways!!

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    only OK

    included with my white unibody macbook.
    It works alright, I've had almost no problem with it except for the shape of the plug.
    When you plug it in, it blocks the Ethernet and mini display ports. You can turn it the other way, but it still kinda gets in the way, also, I don't use a case, but someone else said that if you do, it won't fit in correctly the other way.
    It does the job, but I think I like the old shape a little better

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    Pro's and Con's

    I have had a MacBook Air since November 2011. It is honestly the best thing I have ever purchased from apple. I understand that the battery isn't going to last long due to the size of the computer, but I still think apple did a great job. However, I haven't had a problem with my charger in the about 2 years I've had it until yesterday. It started deciding when it wanted to charge? I had it plugged in and it said not charging? Then overnight it just gave out.. during finals week.. I'm happy with the life expectancy I go out of it, however I am very very careful with my technology, meaning it is always kept safe, clean, and never touched by anyone other than myself. This has led me to keep apple products much much longer than normal users, so to me 2 years of just being plugged in at my desk isn't very good. The price is absolutely outrageous too. I have the 3 year apple care protection plan that I haven't used once, so today when I'm at my appointment I certainly hope they will replace it, if not they will certainly have one unhappy customer on there hands.

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    Worked for a year and then not so much

    I've had my Mac for a little over a year now and it's been wonderful. From the beginning though I wondered about this power cord. I'm an intelligent human being who knows how to take care of equipment, but geez this cable is not so great. I am not a fan of having to pay $80 just to keep my computer charged. A few weeks ago it starting shorting out and not charging. I looked at it this morning to try to find out where the short is and the port just popped right off with only the slightest amount of pressure. It fit right back on but you have to be super gentle with it to keep it charging. Guess I know where my next bit of cash is going....I love you Apple, but the cord could be better.

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    Better power cord but still needs improvement

    The newer Apple power adapter is better than the old style. With the reinforced "L" connection at the magnetic port on my MacPro, the cord lasted a bit longer than the old style ones that frequently frayed near attachment to the computer. BUT my power adapter cord just gave out by fraying at the other end near the power adapter bo, though it did last a year and a half. How about some reinforcement next time there, too?? I HATE paying $79 for a new cord - they should last longer, Apple!!!

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    It’s alright.

    I’ve had my MacBook Pro for nearly 4 years now and I’m just now experiencing the fraying of the chord. I did wrap it with electrical tape but the casing just comes off further and further down. I know it came from rubbing on my desk edge for so long so I expected the fraying but it should still be better built. Other than that, it does what it’s supposed to and hopefully I don’t need to buy another one for a few more years.

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    60W MagSafe Usage Review

    I use Macbook Pro 13-inch 2008 Model. The first 2.5 years of using it, didn't face any problem. After 2.5 years, the jack of 60W MagSafe power adapter used to get extremely heated up while I used to do any powerful work(Photoshop & Illustrator) / or multiple work.
    At a point I had to start shaking the charger port quite a few times to get the red light (charging) . As the port gets heated up, I thought the problem was may be with my laptop or its battery or the port. This problem continued for 7-8 months when suddenly 1 day it completely stopped working. No shaking could fix it. Then I went to an Apple store in my country and tested my mac with a new charger. So the problem was with the charger, and compared and found that , Due to extreme heating, one of the very small thick pin inside the charger jack melted down (now it cannot touch the Mac port and so the charger doesn't work any more.... ) .
    Other users should be aware of this heating issue for which I posted this review. Still a proud Apple user :)

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    I can't really complain, though I'd like to.

    There are 780 reviews for this power adapter, it's clear its junk. Or is it? My dog has chewed through the skinny cable that goes to my Macbook, and he chewed the fat cable on the extension part. I taped both of them back together thinking I didn't have a prayer of it working again. Well, that was 2 years ago, still ticking. A common problem I've had that I attend to, is dirt build up on the magnet. I do the old blow-on-it trick for both the female and male ends. Voila. last night was the first time I couldn't get it to work. This morning I shut it down, took the battery out, unplugged everything. Rebooted and plugged it back in. Nothing. Did it a few more times, Voila. again.

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