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    Glad I didn't read these years ago.

    My Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter is SIX years old this month. There is a 1/2" crack in the wire cover now that exposes the internal wiring when I bend it at the location. Given the zillion hours of use and abuse, my opinion of this product is very good. With that said I am on my THIRD keyboard that does not make me happy overall.

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    I am extremely disappointed in the quality of this product. I have a 2012 macbook pro and the second 60w MagSafe Power Adaptor that I have bought has just begun to spark and it has stopped charging my laptop. I have not only replaced it once, but now twice as I am now looking to buy a third just to keep my mac going. I love my mac, but I do not love these poor chargers that bend and fray no matter how straight or how gentle I use them, and at $80 a pop, it really hurts. I expect much more from Apple. I really do.

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    Worked well for 4 Years

    I've owned my MacBook Pro 13" for almost exactly 4 years. The wire on the charger has started to fray for quite a while, but nothing too major until just a few weeks ago. A large, 2 inch hole in the covering of the wires developed. Other than that, it has been very good.

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    It wears out too fast

    ...and it's ridiculously expensive for a power adapter.

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    My husband and I have both purchased MacBook Pros (~4 years ago) and between the 2 of us we have been through 4 chargers. We are incredibly careful with our things and here I am having to buy #5. Every single one of them breaks the same way (cord coating splits and frays) despite thoughtful placement/use (i.e. neither one of us "kinks" the cord or mindlessly shoves it into a backpack). This product doesn't even come CLOSE to the quality we have come to expect from Apple. PLEASE Apple-improve this product. Your customers are happy to pay a little more for a good quality item, but this product is absolutely pathetic!

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    This is my 3rd charger. I won't keep investing in unreliable equipment not supported/covered by apple care. Work on this apple! There should be some recall or replacement program in place for customers having this issue with MULTIPLE chargers. I'm feeling like moving on from apple products at this point. $80 is to much to keep replacing a charger that the manufacturer is well aware of it's poor quality but KEEPS producing it with no improvements!

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    Houston this is a problem

    I have a macbook pro (late 2011) This is the third one I've had to buy for tears in the cord. Bummed.

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    Why must I keep replacing this?

    This is the third time I've had to replace the MagSafe Power Adapter for my 2009 Macbook Pro. I understand having to replace it maybe once since my laptop is 8 years old, but the adapter I have now has no visible wear or tear. I've been extremely careful with it these last few years. Now, if the cord is even slightly bent, it doesn't charge my laptop. I have to raise it up and jigger it around to get the green light to come back on, then gently lay it down so as not to disrupt the precious flow of electricity. This is ridiculous. And extremely expensive. I'm tired of paying $80 to replace such a junky product that doesn't seem to last even with gentle use. I can't give up on this laptop, either. I spent a lot of time and money to upgrade it with new hardware and memory. Apple, you should be ashamed of this poor-quality product.

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    Why does this have to be so terrible?

    I've only ever had Apple computers and smartphones and have been rather pleased with literally every product but this one. I've never had a charger that needs replacing every year or two like this for any other device. I'm careful to avoid cable strain, disconnect it carefully, etc. but none of that seems to matter. The product still fails long before it should. One would think this would be an embarrassment to Apple that it doesn't maintain the quality associated with their brand, yet they haven't made any improvements.

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    The one that came with my MacBook Pro lasted a few years before I had to begin using electrical tape, this replacement had a tear in it within a month and I am so careful with it. So, I wrapped it but due to how close the tear was to the connection it just kept giving way at the connection. I even tried the spring trick, and nursed it along with tape and spring for a year until today it shocked the heck out my palm and fried itself. Sadly I have an online anatomy exam to finish studying for and must take this evening ... guess whose book is online and whose MacBook is at 2%? This girl! Thanks Apple for a crummy product that is crazy expensive for broke college students to have to continuously replace.

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    Terrible...Steve Jobs would have been embarrassed.

    I have gone through 3 of these. It would cost Apple a couple of cents to reinforce the end of the cord. Also, $75 for a charger...

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    Either Change the Design or Stand Behind it with Applecare

    I have totally changed to Apple products for almost everything -- and I would not go back to the fake computers. But, the power adapter for the MacBook Pro absolutely MUST be redesigned. I have to buy a new one about every six months, and I am extremely careful with my equipment. I also have purchased Applecare for my products and this is absolutely one product that should be covered but is not. Come on Apple -- make a product that meets your standards. Look at the reviews of this product!

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    Upset! It Burned My Laptop!

    I love Apple products. I have always found their support crew when I have an issue to be stellar! If only these power adapters were on the same page of service. I have been through too many of them to count and it is not because I don't take care of them or properly handle them. The first one that originally came with the laptop lasted for about 2 years. Once I started to replace them, as I mentioned, I've lost count of how many I've purchased at $80 a pop! This last time was a financial setback, because the sizzling sound and burning/frayed look on the pins of the adapter was the same damage where the adapter connected to my laptop which forced me to ship my laptop to Apple to have repaired and cost me over $500! I'm very upset that I had to pay such a high amount for something I feel is entirely the fault the of the adapter, which by the way, was only 2 months old! For the price of these Apple computers, laptops, etc., the accessories should match the quality of the product. I scrolled through pages upon pages in these reviews where the majority of the reviews were a poor rating and reporting similar, if not the exact same, problem as I have. It has to be an issue with these adapters. Apple, please listen to your loyal customers and improve the quality and performance of these adapters.

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    Apple chargers are rubbish. They tear easily and after few uses begin to show signs that they are about to fall apart. I have only had this charger for a couple of weeks and it is already starting to shed the exterior casing around the part where the cable meets with the actual charger. It is disappointing and infuriating.

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    My 7th charger in 5 years. Awful design, awful performance, and awful durability. Please apple make a better charger. I have spent wayyyyyy to much money on my laptops to have them keep breaking.

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    Power cord fine one day, then completely frayed with burn marks the next???

    I have owned my macbook pro 13 in since 2012 and have nothing but positive things to say about it. The magsafe power adapter is a completely different story. I was always careful with my power adapte. One day it was working fine and literally the next day the skinny cord that plugs into the laptop has frayed and will not charge at all. How does something become that damaged in one days time?? I am really unhappy about this.This isn't just about quality it is about safety. A power adapter should not become that hot to the point where it burns plastic. Seriously. This was one of the main reasons I switched from a pc to a mac. Having to replace a cord every year can be annoying and I didn't expect to have to deal with the same thing when I bought my mac. Apple, please start making better quality power adaptors for a better price. $80 is a little steep, especially when that produce doesn't even stand up to regular usage.

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    Bad cord ever

    At tension points the cord always fumbles away. This being my third cord in 5 years, I took extra good care of it. However, in the last month it has broken at the tension points and has also started rotting away elsewhere as if the cord has reached it's expiration. For the amount they cost, this is absolutely just a money grabbing ploy from apple - no other cord in my life has ever broken like an apple branded cord. It does work well when you need it, but the fact that it has a lower lifespan than it should have is disappointing and kills any positive experience. My recommendation: Electrical Tape or a different laptop.

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    Terrible power cord

    I bought my Macbook Pro in 2009. Since then I've had to buy 3 more same power adapters due to only one reason - lousy power cord breaks again and again. Hope Apple fixed this problem in newer generations.

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    bought 2 and 1 failed so far

    I've got two p/s' and had one fail even after 4 years of being careful. Had to crack the plastic open and pull out the soldering iron to fix it. I'd rather have a Frankenstein p/s than to buy another one of these poorly designed p/s. They could easily fix this by using better vinyl and thicker copper wiring, but no they insist that their customers either upgrade systems or buy another p/s.

    For this reason I won't be buying another Mac Book until this p/s issue is resolved satisfactorily. It's not worth the hassle.

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