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    So far, So good

    I have had my 13-in. MBPro since Sept of 2011. Thus far, my Magsafe power cord has lasted me, fine. Several months ago, I switched jobs and now I have to bring my Mac Book to work on most days. Because of this, I'm looking into getting an additional power cord (1 to leave at home with my dock, and 1 to take in my bag). I figure this, way I can keep one from the stress of unplugging too often (the one at home), and I'll have an extra.
    I rated this at a 3 because I haven't had issues, but I know several friends who are on their 3rd cord or so. But I'm also thinking, for those on here who've said they've bought 7 or 10 of them. Why not buy 2 and leave one stationary (home) and take one mobile. At least that way, you know one of those cords wont be getting a lot of wear.
    IMHO. BTW, the person who suggested having magsafe connector at both ends, brilliant idea!!

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    Recall please!!

    They really need to make a recall. My charger still works after 3 years however, the rubber coating has begun to turn green and peel off the metal wires inside. I never travel with this computer so I haven't mistreated it. I now have electrical tape covering the exposed wires.

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    60 W MagSafe Power Adapter

    The power adapter cord is flimsy near the magnetic plug. The cord should be sturdy. My cord caught fire and just so happen I was using my computer at the time. Could have been worst.

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    New connector plug may not work with some macbook covers

    I just got the adapter as a backup for my macbook (original still works), so I don't know how well it will hold up, but it seems to be built well. The problem I encountered was that the new connector, that seems designed for the macbook air, is blocked from plugging in by the hard plastic cover that I got for it. I was able to chisel out the plastic cover enough to get it to work, but it seems a design flaw to use an L connector that hugs the mac so closely.

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    Charger Sparking

    I hated the charger at first because it was always sparking from the plug to my outlet.
    The plug folds up which is nice but attached to the bulky part (the big white box) which has some weight to it. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO STOP SPARKS ON MY MACBOOK CHARGER
    by: slide the prong part towards where they point when folded (the prongs are part of a plug into the"big white box.") You can see a seam where it will slide out.
    What you will see after u pull off the prong part is a female port like the one you had on your old boombox.
    It is a very standard plug. For instance, the power cord to my time capsule is a perfect fit.
    Not only now do i not get sparks, I have an extra three feet of cord.....

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    Solid, until it's time to go...

    Love my MBP 13"! The MagSafe ran like gold until today, when it decided to die on me. A suggestion to Apple, put a shock-mount on the ends of the cables that allow it to flex so it won't get damaged. My assumption is also my brick is dead...

    ... will have to get a new one but totally going to be worth it, as this machine is my life.

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    Excellent with room for improvement....

    As a new Mac user, the MagSafe power adapter was one of those features that just floored me as an obvious, ingenious, and elegant solution to the more easily damaged power connectors I've used on PC laptops before.

    With a few month of use, I've really liked: the dual-led, dual-state lights on the connector itself (green for charged, orange for charging, visible on both sides) - the option to carry the longer wall cable or adapt the DC adapter as a direct wall plug (less to carry on most days) - the cable itself is quite narrow/slim so it doesn't take up much room in my bag - the DC adapter has flip-out guides for easy cable wrap storage - the new L style connector routes the cable much more sensibly on the desk than the older T style connector, IMHO...

    However, there are some things to nit-pick: the flip-out cable wrap guides are weak and seem to me as if they will break in the near future based on the reality of abuse that my book bag suffers; why not simply mold a guide track into the DC adapter body (this would leave nothing to break, and is an elegant and simple solution to this problem) - the clip attached to the cable to keep it wrapped around the adapter during transit is super weak, it never holds the cable wrapped (not once has it remained gripped to the cable in transit); please make a more secure clip.

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    In with the New!

    Just before Christmas 2012, my MacBook Pro's original power cord & adapter had a "meltdown!" While a minor inconvenience, what with the holidays mere days away, I decided to forego replacing it before I left to spend Christmas with family, even though I'd be sans laptop during my train rides to and from Chatham. This week [Jan 6 - 12], I "bought the 'bullet'," and bought a new cord and adapter from a local Apple resale location, and actually saved a few dollars too! I live in hope that this one will last longer than 3.5 years!

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    I am replacing my old charger. I honestly don't remember when I bought this computer but I absolutely love it. I'm apprehensive about purchasing a new charger with all the negative comments. I'm sure Apple will be redesigning the current system so I'm a Mac user and there is NO way I'll go back to PC. They are more expensive in the long run. $80 for a charger every few years is a lot cheaper than $80 every year for anti-virus.

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    I bought this about in October 2010 and it was working really smoothly until about a week ago. Then the tip of it where the cord meets the tip to plug into your computer fried. The layering peeled off and then wires are coming off it. One week ago it barely charged the computer, but it said its full. Now the charger can't even recognize that it is in there, so it doesn't charge.

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    Apple power supply works fine with preventative medicine

    After four (4) PC laptops going bad I bought my MacBookPro 13" and haven't been happier. The power supply has a big problem but if you take preventative measures, it works Okay-fine-beautifully -- now for 2 years. My first power supply magnet connector would always come loose if not careful. ..finally stopped working and got free replacement. I had learned lesson. Use masking tape, clear 2 inch tape, maybe Gorilla tape WITH multiple layers and tape the connector to your laptop using what little space there is-- making sure laptop is still able to close. Keeping things totally secure prevents "fraying" and what all..... LOVE MAC! ! !

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    Decent Charger

    Its a good charger for the looks but the quality is just decent. It works but it will break if you dont handle it with care. However I like the old chargers better, i dont like the long design and I just found the old ones to be more appealing as they didnt block my ethernet port no matter which way i chose to plug it in.

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    Power Adapter

    I recently bought my first Mac and love it so far, but this power adapter has such a short cord I rarely ever use it, and will end up wearing down on my battery. Apple needs to come out with a smaller adapter and a much longer cord, or at least the option of having a longer cord.

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    Good Design, poor manufacturing..

    The idea and design of this product is way better than anything in the PC world and goes a long way to save the laptop from in advertent harm. Unfortunately it is the manufacturing that has caused it the issues. I believe that if Apple continues to turn back to US production they may be able to remedy issues like this. For those young college students who would review this product, you should have more experience in Apple and for that matter computer products before making negative comments regarding this or any other such hardware.

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    just bought this product

    I just bought this product because it is the one that came with my new macbook and my cat got mad because he was not getting attention and took the cord out with one bite. This sent a power serge to my laptop that turned it off and reset it so when I turned it back on it thought it was new years eve 2000. So its good but all I have to say is my kitten friend it with one bite so be careful.

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    Love These Cords

    Ok i have read some reviews on this site for this product and i have to say this is a brilliant design choice made by apple! when I got my laptop i was shocked that it was going to be connected via magnet and thought that that was amazing! my cord from my 2008 (thats more 4 Years old) laptop just stopped working today and i have to buy a new one and im going to obviously get this one!

    For the person who spent $500 dollars on new cords for there macbook maybe you should learn how to take care of your nice things that you buy for yourself or buy those laptop that you insert the charger for and see how fast they break! think about it you can save some money here dont backhand apple for you not being able to kept your cords in good condition!

    I love the cord and attachment system keep it up apple little pricy but i guess we are just paying for the name.

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