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    I've had my 13 inch macbook pro since 2008, and since then i have loved all aspects of this MagSafe charger. Unfortunately, it has stopped charging my computer. I've been wrestling with the cord to make it charge for nearly a month and now it has finally expired, along with my warranty, which means im going to need to spend $80 on another charger with a junky cable. If the wire was a little bit more heavy-duty and less prone to twisting (and more reasonably priced), then this charger would be a 5 star product.

    I've written this review with the remaining hour of my macbook's battery...

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    MagSafe review

    I am on my third plug over 3 and a half years. The first two started falling apart and breaking after just one year of moderate use. I love the design but I expect it to be half the price and double the durability. On the up side, Apple have always promptly replaced them without any hustle or questions asked. The company in my experience has one of the top customer service standards in the industry.

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    Decent but could be more heavy duty

    This is a pretty good power adapter. I love that you can have a longer cord if necessary and the LED light.
    While moving, my power cord was put in a backpack with my 13 inch MacBook Pro. Somehow, a small slit was put into the power cord. I couldn't see any frayed wires and couldn't afford a new power adapter, so I kept using this one. A few months later a see some frayed wires, from normal wear and tear. That was two months ago. Now I am in need of a new power adapter, badly, at that. The power adapter only works if it is in one spot, if I move the cord it stops working and it takes quite some time to coax it to charge my MacBook again.
    The only thing in the backpack was the power cord, my tablet with pen and mouse, and my MacBook pro. I have no clue what caused the slit in my cord but I now realize how fragile the cord really is. That slit grew bigger over time, just from transferring the power adapter from room to room.

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    Great, but bends too easily

    I love the overall design of this charger, but I had a problem where it bent too much to get to my outlet and the wires are now exposed. I am disappointed that the new one costs $79 (for a charger?!) as well. I am going to get the old one when I can for $40. I've heard it is better.

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    Found the Problem!

    I've had my 15" MacBook for almost a year now and I was really concerned when it stopped charging, the light on my power adapter wouldn't turn on and the computer wouldn't recognize that it was plugged in. The problem started out intermittently, I would plug the cord in and the either the light wasn't on or the computer wouldn't recognize it was charging. For a few days I simply had to unplug the cord from the wall and computer and replug it in in (to wall then computer, never computer then wall) and it would start charging again.
    Eventually it stopped working all together. Reading all the reviews online I was sure my charger had completely died and that I would have to get a whole new one. I called the 1-800-MY-APPLE in case the problem was fixable.

    IT WAS. Please, please PLEASE TRY THIS BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW CORD. I would've been beyond PO'ed if I'd bought a new cord just to find this was the problem all along.The tech support guy instructed me to push the small metal prongs inside the magsafe connector (the part that plugs into the comp) in and out several times, because sometimes debris can become caught inside it. MY LAPTOP IS NOW CHARGING! He did say to keep an eye on it and that sometimes they do completely die, But at least I know that my adapter can and probably will last longer than a year!

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    Charger Sparking

    I hated the charger at first because it was always sparking from the plug to my outlet.
    The plug folds up which is nice but attached to the bulky part (the big white box) which has some weight to it. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO STOP SPARKS ON MY MACBOOK CHARGER
    by: slide the prong part towards where they point when folded (the prongs are part of a plug into the"big white box.") You can see a seam where it will slide out.
    What you will see after u pull off the prong part is a female port like the one you had on your old boombox.
    It is a very standard plug. For instance, the power cord to my time capsule is a perfect fit.
    Not only now do i not get sparks, I have an extra three feet of cord.....

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    New connector plug may not work with some macbook covers

    I just got the adapter as a backup for my macbook (original still works), so I don't know how well it will hold up, but it seems to be built well. The problem I encountered was that the new connector, that seems designed for the macbook air, is blocked from plugging in by the hard plastic cover that I got for it. I was able to chisel out the plastic cover enough to get it to work, but it seems a design flaw to use an L connector that hugs the mac so closely.

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    I love most of what Apple does, but do they really need to sell you an entire Power Adaptor when all I was looking for was the extension cord. 85 bucks for a new power cord seems a tad excessive to me.

    And I agree, the product needs to be better conceived. Make the product a little more durable, perhaps make a rotating mag so you can position it however you choose, and then make it bomb-proof. I'm sick of getting nickel and dimed by this company. I've spent thousands of dollars on this company's products, music, movies, etc. over the years.

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    Adapter design

    The design of the new adapter blocks all the ports. I've got a speck cover on my laptop so adapter only works in one direcion

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    Ok, but the last one is better

    I own the black MacBook, purchased in April 2008. The power cord just died, so I bought this one. It works OK most of the time, but doesn't quite fit right. The magnetic part of the original one (the slightly larger white one, with the block and cord coming of perpendicularly) fit securely, and this one seems a little smaller for the hole, and slides around. The magnet does hold tight, but sometimes the little gold pieces on the inside don't meet up, so even when it's attached, it's not charging. Not horrible, but just not quite right for my computer :-(. Oh well! Hopefully, it'll be time for a new computer before too long anyways!!

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    Excellent with room for improvement....

    As a new Mac user, the MagSafe power adapter was one of those features that just floored me as an obvious, ingenious, and elegant solution to the more easily damaged power connectors I've used on PC laptops before.

    With a few month of use, I've really liked: the dual-led, dual-state lights on the connector itself (green for charged, orange for charging, visible on both sides) - the option to carry the longer wall cable or adapt the DC adapter as a direct wall plug (less to carry on most days) - the cable itself is quite narrow/slim so it doesn't take up much room in my bag - the DC adapter has flip-out guides for easy cable wrap storage - the new L style connector routes the cable much more sensibly on the desk than the older T style connector, IMHO...

    However, there are some things to nit-pick: the flip-out cable wrap guides are weak and seem to me as if they will break in the near future based on the reality of abuse that my book bag suffers; why not simply mold a guide track into the DC adapter body (this would leave nothing to break, and is an elegant and simple solution to this problem) - the clip attached to the cable to keep it wrapped around the adapter during transit is super weak, it never holds the cable wrapped (not once has it remained gripped to the cable in transit); please make a more secure clip.

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    Power Adapter

    I recently bought my first Mac and love it so far, but this power adapter has such a short cord I rarely ever use it, and will end up wearing down on my battery. Apple needs to come out with a smaller adapter and a much longer cord, or at least the option of having a longer cord.

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    My Charger Died Today

    So, I had my macbook pro 13inch for nearly over a year and its been working fine until today i tried to charge it and the light on the charger wasn't going on. i thought it was my outlet, but i plug it into a diff outlet and still nothing. i was looking at the other the reviews cuz i thought it was something i did to it when i cleaned it. I keep my macbook clean and neat. so when i looking thru the reviews theres been alot of disappointment and i'm one of them. i love Apple products, but really Apple? Don't you think at least read people reviews and improve your products. and $60-$80 is a bit to high for a charger. $40-$50 is a reasonable price. just my opinion. thank you for reading

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    So-So Product

    I've only used this power cord for a few months now so I can't really attest to its endurance or fragility. It's probably the bulkiest power adapter I've ever used. I generally use my laptop at my desk but every once in a while, I do bring it along trips or to another room. This adapter is horrible for travel. The adapter needs its own big pocket to be stored in so I'm not really pleased. MAC/Apple should re-design this product for more convenient use in mind. It's also really expensive for an adapter and for its only so-so quality.

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    only OK

    included with my white unibody macbook.
    It works alright, I've had almost no problem with it except for the shape of the plug.
    When you plug it in, it blocks the Ethernet and mini display ports. You can turn it the other way, but it still kinda gets in the way, also, I don't use a case, but someone else said that if you do, it won't fit in correctly the other way.
    It does the job, but I think I like the old shape a little better

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    just bought this product

    I just bought this product because it is the one that came with my new macbook and my cat got mad because he was not getting attention and took the cord out with one bite. This sent a power serge to my laptop that turned it off and reset it so when I turned it back on it thought it was new years eve 2000. So its good but all I have to say is my kitten friend it with one bite so be careful.

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