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    NOW It Doesn't Work Any More

    It has been just 2 years, then I need to buy a new one with $79 plus tax. Please make it better or cheaper ! My Lenovo's power adapter has been living for 7 years without any problems !

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    on my third charger :(

    Agreeing with everyone else, these chargers break all the time!

    Either make them better or make them cheaper!!!!!

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    Worst Adapters EVER

    I've now had to order two off these because they are not built to last. The connection between the chord and the plug that connects to the computer is so flimsy and week that I've had two fail at that point. Apple is famous of their build quality but for some reason building an adapter that can last escapes them? Really? Also they seem to ignore the multitude of horrible review here? FIX THIS APPLE!!! FIX IT!!!

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    The root concept of a "Laptop" is convenience, portability and accessibility. With that said, durability is a key factor that attributes to the success of the "Laptop". In this respect, Apple has failed miserably. I am a dedicated consumer of Apple products, at the same time I am a professional who depends on my MacBook Pro to be available and functional at all times. Because of the poor quality of the MagSafe charger, my beautifully engineered laptop has been rendered useless on more than one occasion. I can confidently say that until Apple can successfully come up with a solution, I will be financially responsible and take my business elsewhere.

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    Apple really needs think rethink the design/quality of this charger. My laptop is only a few years old and the charger is completly frayed. The laptop has been well looked after and barely used as I have an imac .I have chargers from the 90s that have had way more use and are still fine. If you are going to make such bad quality products at least make them cheap. Your price for a replacement charger borders on criminal!

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    Bad and expensive

    Have to buy 2 new chargers in 4 years. 80$ is totally not worth it. Either make it better or make it cheaper.

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    2 in 3 years!

    Come on Apple! I really like your products really do. But a charger that brroke down twice in 3 years! It's the same issue with the lightening cables of the ends being all torn up. You need to fix this. Purchasing a charger every year or two is just plain ridiculous!

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    Bad quality

    I need to buy another adapter again. It lasts only 2 years until totally brake. There is no other option to pay $79 plus tax to use my computer every 2 years. It is very disappointing.

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    Hardly a green(er), sustainable offering...

    Like so many of the other posters here, I too am about to make my third acquisition of this poorly architected power adapter. Three adapters in a scant four years. S'mthin' ain't right.

    NB: The power adapters and cords for my 'ancient' White iBook (circa 2005), and Black MacBook (circa 2008) are still performing well.

    What's up with this making unsustainable products which are hardly 'green(er)' if one is going to be disposing of these items every 1.0-1.5 years?!!! I'm just sayin'...

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    Onto my third charger in the last 4 years

    I am okay to pay premium price but the product should have high quality as well. It shouldnt be something which stops working every year or so. Apple should give free chargers for people who bought these T chargers, this is such a terrible product. This is my third charger in the last 4 years.

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    Magsafe power cord crubles

    I've replaced my Macbook's Magsafe power cord three times now because its outer coating crumbles apart.

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    Probably the worst chargers on the market

    My 2nd Macbook charger is about to break (I've had this one 15 months) so I've decided to leave a review. Annoyingly they are covered up to 12 months, which means that I'll be shelling out another 60 quid for a new charger. My last one broke at the middle so I invested in a Python cord - it has been moderately successful as the middle hasn't broken yet, this time it's the end that connects to the laptop. As they're the same company, I reckon iPhone chargers last around 3-6 months each too. They seriously need to improve the durability of their chargers, because, as the title says, they are probably the worst on the market.

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    Poor Quality Adaptor

    I have been consistently disappointed with the quality of Apple's power adaptors for all of our products (iPhone, iPad, laptop). Now, my MacBook Pro adaptor is no longer working. Considering the price of your products and Apple's reputation for innovation and quality, I find it hard to believe that your design team hasn't figured out how to engineer a high quality charger. I have been a loyal Apple customer for 26 years, but I am beginning to question whether the poor quality is intentional to increase the sales of your accessories! I now need to spend $ 80.00 to replace a power cord. For the record, we are very careful with the care of our cords and have never had this issue with Windows platform chargers.

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    How many of these does it take to use a macbook?

    1, 2, 3, more? If they were $9 ones then replacement would be not a problem. I expect more from the "it just works" company. At $79 a pop I am not happy having needed to buy three for my macbook over the years. I now have just purchased a new macbook pro but alas, while getting the data migrated, the old macbook has no power again as the new adapter is different. Number 4 is here now. This has gone on long enough Apple. I find years of the same comments about your power adapters. Shameful.

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    These chargers break easily

    Seriously. I dont understand why they havent changed it yet. Not just this, but every other macbook charger Ive had, including all my iphone chargers. they break so easily compared to all other chargers on the marked. Sadly they dont even have to step up the game thanks to their huge brand name, what a tragedy. people will still buy, and spend money to buy 2nd, 3rd maybe 4th or 5th chargers because they break so freaking easy. ugh. and theyre so expensive to buy too. apple. get your stuff together and bring us chargers that actually lasts more than a few months.

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    Magsafe - desperately in need of modernization

    While apple was busy solving a problem that plagued almost no-one, the competition have been steadily increasing their advance.

    Never ever have I, or anyone I've ever met, had any use for the too easy to disconnect magsafe adapter on the grounds of not dragging their laptop onto the ground. On the flip side, look at a magsafe adapter funny and it will drop off which is a major pain in the *** if you use an external monitor with your laptop closed.

    Fail 1 to Apple.

    The classic apple power brick is unwieldy when plugged directly into a socket and, once again, look at it funny and it will topple out of the socket.

    Fail 2 to Apple.

    The flip out legs on a classic apple power brick look as if they are the answer to a problem that every traveler suffers from - tangled cables. Except the promise is unfulfilled because the clip that is supposed to hold the end of the cable to the rest wound around the legs doesn't. That's right - look at it funny and it flops off leaving your power brick's legs looking naked amongst a tangle of wires.

    Fail 3 to Apple.

    All this time, we are left to envy the folks who use Dell laptops, as Dell has steadily improved upon the original, brilliant design that debuted with the Latitude D series power adapters. The built in bungee was pure inspiration, works like a charm and makes you appreciate that small thoughtful contribution every time you pack up and move. Next, they improved the design by illuminating the power tip so that you can see it in dark places.

    Dear Apple - if your debacle over mobile phone screen size should have taught you anything, it's that you won't melt by acknowledging when competitors have good ideas. In fact, if a competitor has a good idea, please just find a way to adopt it for the sake of your customers. Don't prolong our suffering in an attempt to preserve your special snowflake self impression!

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    This is a horrible charger - to the point where I don't think I'll even buy another Apple laptop in the future unless the quality of their charger improves. These chargers typically last me 3-4 months. The last one I purchased was in mid-April and it's already dead. I am appalled that an otherwise respectable company would put such an inferior product on the market. As someone who is on a fixed income and conscientious about the impact I have on the environment, I am beyond frustrated at this unnecessary waste of money and resources.

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    A huge disappointment.

    This charger lasted me one year. I am a graduate student and a college instructor, and I carry my laptop and charger with me back and forth to university and to conferences. The durability of this charger is nonexistent. I am meticulous in my storage and product care, and still this charger has frayed and bent, and has finally stopped working entirely. I'm looking into off-brands - they don't have awesome reviews, but neither does this one, so would do I have to lose? I'm so disappointed in Apple lately - it's just not living up to the quality I've come to expect.

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    Worst Power Adapter ever

    I have purchased 3 of these power adapters over the past 4 years. I have to buy another one because the one I bought last year is broken now. I'll switch to another brand if Apple doesn't improve the quality of its adapters. It doesn't make sense to purchase a laptop for $2000 and spend about $90 every year for an adapter.

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    Expected more from Apple

    This cord is garbage. Apple, you need to listen to your customers. After a year and a half of very little use and ridiculously careful handling, the cord is broken and useless. When I spent that much on a laptop, I expected better quality even in the accessories. No big deal though, right? It is just a cord. I'll just buy another one. Oh wait, they are $80! Um, no.

    Get your act together Apple and start replacing these at no cost. While you are at it, improve the design and lower the cost. No cord is worth $80, especially one of such poor quality.

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