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    Power adaptors do not last

    Apple needs to rethink the design of the Magsafe power adaptors. I have bought replacement Magsafe Power adaptors in the past because they don't always last. Sometimes 1-2 years but this recent one only lasted 3 months. At $80 per adaptor this is ridiculous. Read online, many consumers have had the same issues.

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    Dear Apple

    I want to love you. I really, really do. You're making it difficult though.

    I couldn't blame you when my old, T-style power adapter broke after a couple years. I was even excited when I saw the sleek, new, redesigned L-style. However, that one broke too- but this time, it was after only about two months. I tried not to take it out on you, and figured that maybe I got the one bad one in the batch, or that maybe I had been too rough with it. But here I am, typing away, pausing occasionally to wiggle the cord in order to get it to work again- for a few seconds at least. Yes, thats right, my SECOND L-style magsafe has broken, also after only a couple months.

    Finally, I'm realizing that it's not me, it's YOU. And you just don't seem to realize that. I called Apple support only to be told that there are "no known issues" with the L-style magsafe adapter. Oh really? Dearest apple, do you ever read the reviews your products receive? Obviously there is a known issue, and its that this product simply doesn't work if you use it for more than a month!

    I've enjoyed your sleek design and better usability, but honestly, I think I'm leaving you. For a PC.

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    This is the 3rd one of these I've had to buy in a year and a half. Looking at the other reviews, product failure seems to be pretty common. How Apple can charge 80 dollars for this veritable trash is beyond me. This is a criminally bad product.

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    Too expensive

    I wouldn't even mind that I've had to replace the power cord twice in a year (both were my fault), but at $80 each, it adds up. I hate to say it (I love my Mac), but Dell cords are $25 to replace, and I'm not sure the Mac is worth an extra $100+ per year. When this one goes, I might look elsewhere...

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    I bought this product 7 months ago. I am now buying a replacement. This is the second time I've replaced this in less than two years. $80 x 3 is too much money to spend on a product that should work and last longer than 7 months.

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    Worst Product Ever

    I am a 22 year old college student and have been a Mac convert since freshman year. I constantly tell people that Macs are the way to go, and that Apple products are the best on the market. This product STRONGLY makes me reconsider my loyalty. This is the worst product I have ever bought for ANY computer I have owned, Mac & PCs included. In the past 6 months, I have replaced this charger three times. I take care of my computer and the charger, and there is no reason for the product to fail other than the fact that it is poorly constructed. This product has a low rating for a reason, it doesn't work. To pay $80 for a product that will surely fail within a few months is outrageous. Apple seriously needs to redesign this as soon as possible, or it will be losing loyal customers.

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    Low-point of the Mac line

    The charger is probably the weakest link in the Mac chain. They break constantly. They overheat to dangerous levels. They frequently tear at the end. They are designed in such a way that a rip in the end cord - not affecting the main charger - requires full replacement for $80. When buying a Mac, it's important to remember that over its lifetime you will have to spend $160-320 on new chargers.

    After 3 replacements in 3 years, it's safe to say next computer will be a PC

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    Very Fragile

    I received my first 60W MagSafe Power Adapter with the purchase of my new MacBook. It stopped working less than a year after I bought it. I got sent a replacement as it was still under warranty. The replacement cord, lasted less than six months. I'm now buying my THIRD version of this product. If this continues, my next computer will be a PC.

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    I am on my THIRD charger in less than two years. I love my Mac Pro 13" dearly, but I am getting tired of spending $80 for this unreliable charger. I don't understand why these chargers stop working so easily. I have never dropped or in any way mistreated my chargers at all, and it's getting annoying having to pay so much money for a product that can't even last a year... :/

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    Not Really Improved

    I bought this as a replacement for the original adapter for my 13" Macbook, which shorted out after 13 months of regular use (primarily in house). This design is suppose to be an improvement on the original design (the cord was originally perpendicular to the Macbook instead of flush to the body) and mimics the design of the power adapter that's been used for the Macbook Air since its inception (which I've had for over 2 years and works fine). This cord shorted at the mag tip after 39 days! Do not wrap the cord around the included hooks, but instead coil it loose and secure it with Velcro. Apparently, wrapping the cord on the "designed for storage hooks" is no longer possible with the new power adapters, even though I have adapters from my much older 12" and 15" Powerbooks (2000/2003) that are still working fine and are stored in this manner regularly. This is starting to make me reconsider ever buying another Mac laptop. Having to pay $79 for replacement power adapters twice in less than 18 months is getting to be an expensive owner's tax for having a Mac.

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    Horrible Quality

    I cannot believe how poorly this power adapter is made, I have not had my MacBook Pro for 8 months yet and my second adapter is already failing. Apple replaced the first one for free, but I'm not so sure they'll be willing to replace this one as it's only been three or four months since it was replaced. Though, they have to see that this adapter has a horrible rating...and there's a reason for it. I love everything else about my MB, but this adapter is just horrible. If I had to pay $80 every several months for a new adapter I would be furious.

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    Third charger in a year? No way

    My first charger/adapter almost caught on fire--if I was not home at the time to smell the smoke, this could have ended badly.

    Not having the receipt, because it was a gift, I went on this site to just buy a new power adapter. Less than 6 months later, the chord came disconnected from the head of the adapter. I came on here and bought another, because Apple was unable to replace it for me, they said.

    Now, this has stopped working...it is really getting to be too much. I have to continue to pay to just keep the computer working? Unacceptable.

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    Um...just doesn't work.

    I bought this adapter because the original one that came with my 13-inch Macbook was beginning to stop working. However, this one doesn't really work at all. I took off the case (yes, most cases that people for this Macbook have plastic divisions that interfere with this new design)...but it still did not work consistently. It connected when I first attached it to my Macbook but wasn't actually charging the battery. But then it stopped working altogether. I am using my on-again-off-again old adapter until I can get another one. I use my Macbook CONSTANTLY and NEED a reliable adapter. This is quite frustrating!

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    deserves 0 stars

    just paid for my third power cord

    am really hating apple

    why should i buy another mac?

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    New style, same problems.

    I have replaced 5 going on 6 power supplies over two years on one machine, all with the same problem, they start shorting out, overheating, and eventually totally die. I thought this new design would fix that problem, since the design seems to put less stress on the connection, and the cord is more substantial, but the new one is shorting out and overheating after only 3 months this time, which is faster than before.

    The new design has not fixed the problem, and I'm now in the market for a new notebook, and I probably won't be buying a Macbook because of this. It is ridiculous to pay almost $500 on power supplies over 2 years. That is an extreme hidden cost of an already overpriced computer in my opinion.

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    I had to replace my old style power cord for my 13 in MacBook as mine got damaged. I received my new style magsafe adapter and noticed that it was not charging. I finally got it to work once out of several attempts to connect. I have since discovered that every time you disconnect it from the wall outlet or from the computer itself you have to remove and replace the battery just to get it to work. This is a major inconvenience and there seems to be no alternatives. I will see if I can get my old adapter repaired. I am disappointed that a product that I give such high praise to would have such a faulty important element with no known solution or replacement.

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    Seriously, I am a poor college student and I bought this adaptor less than 2 weeks ago. It's already stopped working. This is ridiculous. I spend TOO much money on this laptop to have to worry about spending $80 on a power cord. at least lower the price of these useless cords. I can't afford this. PLEASE HELP

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    OMG !!!!!

    This will be the 3rd charger I have had to purchase.

    Apple, please listen and fix this poorly made charger. The price is also way too high.

    All these reviews are the same.....get it? !!!!!

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    It stopped working in 7 months with no damage

    I bought my macbook in march of 2012. In october 2012 the adapter just stopped working one day. I was going to return it but I plugged it in and it worked again. Flash forward to today. Same thing happened and I plugged it in and now it works again. I went to apple products because I thought they were made better, but it seems to be cosmetic. In all my PC years I have NEVER had an adapter cord fail. Looking at the reviews I am fearful that this will be a long term problem. I love the interface of Mac products but I take very good care of my products to have them fail for no reason. And the adapter is something that should be 100% reliable. How can you troubleshoot if you can't turn it on. Kind of bummed.

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    Disappointed with product

    The part of the adapter that connects to my computer gets really hot and burns my fingers. It recently completely stopped charging my computer and so now I have to buy a new one. This is ridiculous because clearly from all of these reviews, it's a problem with the product and not something the consumer did. Fix it already Apple!

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