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    Why aren't you listening

    I'm about to purchase my 3rd power cord. I ruin NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING..my car is a 1998 BMW Convertible which still is in showroom condition because I keep it that way..I do this with everything I own. This, however is a piece of garbage as many have said it frays at the base of the cord then splits..It's DANGEROUS..wouldn't you rather have us put this money towards new products ? Just my 2 cents

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    Ridiculously Frail

    Just bought my FOURTH adapter. Clearly, at $80 it's a recurring stream of revenue for Apple. The only way to ever not break it, is to put it in one place and never move it. So, basically you might as well own a desktop. Between this and the iphone power cords that fray every few months, I'm not interested in ever buying another laptop or phone from Apple.

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    We've had it.

    Dear Apple,

    Kindly design a new charger for all of us because clearly, everyone is complaining and I am currently buying my 3rd charger. How hard is it to just make a new one?

    Enough, please.

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    My mom had one of these chargers, and it frayed in less than 3 years. 80 dollars! You can do better apple

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    Tim Cook are you listening

    I am about to order my third power supply for my MacBook Pro. Tim are you listening, Steve would never have allowed such a substandard product to stain Apple's otherwise pristine quality standards.

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    Replacing After 6 Years*

    Why the *? The first thing I did when I got my second MacBook Pro was tape a 2" piece of plastic straw (that I flared at the flexing end) to both the power supply and magnetic connector ends of the cord. So I've never had that frustrating problem of the cord cracking at both ends. But I think it's time to replace it because, unfortunately, I'm having to tape a number of places in between where the cord has cracked.

    So I agree with the critics, Apple please fix the problem or at least lower the replacement price; and owners do yourself a favor and get some extra life out of your power supply by taking this simple, inexpensive preventive action. (I know ... it shouldn't be necessary!).

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    These Units Have Nothing To Do With 'Innovation' Or The Environment

    These units are so poorly designed and executed that I am forced to buy a new one every year. Completely normal, everyday use, I rarely even travel with my MacBook.

    - The connection to the MacBook simply wears off within 12 months. The plastic shielding itself disintegrates and erodes over time, exposing the cabling at the connector's end of the cable.
    - The connector protrudes too much, so you can't even use your MacBook as a 'laptop'. The protruding connector itself will just pivot upwards and disconnect itself if the MacBook is in your lap/on your thigh/knee.
    - The unit is designed so you can switch the wall connection between direct to the wall, or a longer cable which is great, however the most problematic and prone-to-failure part of the unit is the cable running from the 'power brick' to the MacBook. That cable is permanently attached to the 'power brick', so just because the cable running into the MacBook has given in again, this design forces costumers to buy an entire package of:
    Two connectors
    A 'power brick' with an intact cable running into the MacBook.
    How are these design solutions 'innovative' or 'environment friendly'?

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    Fourth in four years, second in six months. I am completely aware of the issues these have and treat them with caution and a tender hand. Still they overhead and fray (always in the same place). So frustrated.

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    Spark the smoke

    Come on Apple. I looked down after hearing a loud pop and spark. I've never abused my charger. It's been under my desk for 3 years. No tension on cord. At least give us the ability to upload an image of my melted and shorted power cord. This thing could have caught my house on fire! I can't believe there isn't a class action lawsuit in motion.

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    Very Bad Quality, Breaks Often

    I've had to purchase FOUR of these chargers, and they always break in the exact same place, by fraying where the skinner cable (leading to the computer) meets the power brick. It's ridiculous that these are so fragile. I take great care of mine, they don't even leave the house, I just move them from room to room. And since they've broken on me several times, I am very careful about moving them.

    Shame on Apple for selling such a poor, obviously defective product. These need to be better engineered. Of course, now that they have new computers with new chargers, we are out of luck. I could have purchased a chromebook with the money I've spent buying replacement adapters for my $3000 laptop. Absolute garbage.

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    Why so expensive?

    Why would a charger that is mass produced in China cost $80? I have been a loyal Apple guy for over a decade, I am also a very careful person with my gadgets, yet this charger is not one of the stuff I am fortunate with. I am so tired of re-buying this now that i now use my wife's charger. If that breaks, $80???? What a reap off.

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    Fraying cables

    Need I say more?

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    Have to agree with the critics.

    In reading the comments addressing the issues with the 85 W MagSafe adapter, I totally agree with the criticism. This is now the fourth adapter I have to purchase and and $80. It's made an already bad hardship even worse! No matter how careful you are, even with using the extender, which may allow the user to lay the brick perfectly flat and not put any stress on it at all; in fact even following any of the suggestions on YouTube post things such as using electrical Cable connector clips, there is a new thing out there at that sell cable is going to eventually fail Cable connector clips, there is a new thing out there at the Sen cable is going to eventually fail.clearly you have a substantial weight and disproportion difference between the brick and the thin cable. And whatever third party manufacture of the generic MagSafe adapter is the bailable at a fraction of the price, I am unsure how dependable that would last .
    It's still a cost but I really can't afford. Additionally I take impeccable care of my MacBook Pro. In fact I've even had to replace the logic board for $550 that had failed almost 2 years to the day that Apple replaced it free of charge due to the parent recall that occurred just in time during the recall. I'm even an iPhone 6 owner, and will be getting the battery replacement under your $29 program. I have several generations of Apple products and it's their intuitiveness and ease of use why I buy them. But the dependably issues is becoming discouraging to my loayalty.
    Apple are you listening to me and the rest of your customer base?. So what can I do now to be able to not have replace this new adapter?

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    one charger per year

    It either breaks from the adapter side, or from the charger pin at the MacBook end. Worst chargers ever, and it costs $80+

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    Not as bad as you seen if you really take care of your charger

    I bought my Pro 15'' on April 2013, the power adapter have been at good condition for almost 5 years, it is finaaly broken last night.

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    Lightning cable is a piece of junk. I have to replaced about 5 times

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    Hate the Apple Charger !!!

    In the words of the popular song Hit the Road Jack!
    Hit the road jack! Don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more....
    I ain't gonna buy you no more......

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    Low quality product

    Breaks easily and must be replaced regularly. Worst made Apple product I've ever used. It's been known for a while that this is not a good product. Why hasn't this problem been fixed?

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    So Disappointed

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 5 years now and have gone through four different chargers. I believe that these are poorly designed on purpose so that users are forced to buy these overpriced replacements directly from Apple. After scrolling through these reviews, its clear that Apple does not care about their customer's experiences, even after years of getting complaints about the same issues.

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    Caught on Fire

    It caught on fire while charging. 0/10 so sick of Apple and their products.

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