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    Have to agree with the critics.

    In reading the comments addressing the issues with the 85 W MagSafe adapter, I totally agree with the criticism. This is now the fourth adapter I have to purchase and and $80. It's made an already bad hardship even worse! No matter how careful you are, even with using the extender, which may allow the user to lay the brick perfectly flat and not put any stress on it at all; in fact even following any of the suggestions on YouTube post things such as using electrical Cable connector clips, there is a new thing out there at that sell cable is going to eventually fail Cable connector clips, there is a new thing out there at the Sen cable is going to eventually fail.clearly you have a substantial weight and disproportion difference between the brick and the thin cable. And whatever third party manufacture of the generic MagSafe adapter is the bailable at a fraction of the price, I am unsure how dependable that would last .
    It's still a cost but I really can't afford. Additionally I take impeccable care of my MacBook Pro. In fact I've even had to replace the logic board for $550 that had failed almost 2 years to the day that Apple replaced it free of charge due to the parent recall that occurred just in time during the recall. I'm even an iPhone 6 owner, and will be getting the battery replacement under your $29 program. I have several generations of Apple products and it's their intuitiveness and ease of use why I buy them. But the dependably issues is becoming discouraging to my loayalty.
    Apple are you listening to me and the rest of your customer base?. So what can I do now to be able to not have replace this new adapter?

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    one charger per year

    It either breaks from the adapter side, or from the charger pin at the MacBook end. Worst chargers ever, and it costs $80+

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    Not as bad as you seen if you really take care of your charger

    I bought my Pro 15'' on April 2013, the power adapter have been at good condition for almost 5 years, it is finaaly broken last night.

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    Lightning cable is a piece of junk. I have to replaced about 5 times

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    Hate the Apple Charger !!!

    In the words of the popular song Hit the Road Jack!
    Hit the road jack! Don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more....
    I ain't gonna buy you no more......

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    Low quality product

    Breaks easily and must be replaced regularly. Worst made Apple product I've ever used. It's been known for a while that this is not a good product. Why hasn't this problem been fixed?

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    So Disappointed

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 5 years now and have gone through four different chargers. I believe that these are poorly designed on purpose so that users are forced to buy these overpriced replacements directly from Apple. After scrolling through these reviews, its clear that Apple does not care about their customer's experiences, even after years of getting complaints about the same issues.

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    Caught on Fire

    It caught on fire while charging. 0/10 so sick of Apple and their products.

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    Worst product EVER

    Apple should be ashamed to have producte such a low quality and overpriced power cord
    If you want to keep replacing a random bit of plastic and electronics this is the product for you.

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    Bad product

    I bought this product in May2016 paying a very high price in a brazilian Apple Store and the charger doesn't work well now ( Dec 2017).
    The product worked well only 1 year and a half; after that caused a problem in my MacBook Pro battery.
    Horrible product, overpriced (special in Brazil = U$ 200 ) and bad quality; can damage your Mac.

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    Poor Quality and Overpriced

    I've had my laptop for six years, and have gone through five adapters. The quality of this adapter is simply unacceptable. Furthermore, the cost of all of the adapters adds up to the price of a cheap computer!

    My daughter used a Chromebook for four years, and never once had a problem with her cord! Maybe I'll just go buy one of those.

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    Somewhat infuriating...

    Wow, seeing these reviews consistently pointing out the failure of this design, for almost 10 years not. Really, really disheartening to see how Apple has happily sat on their hands about this for so long. Weak, very weak and definitely staining the legacy of the brand. Though that seems less and less important as they roll inexorably on.

    Just had my 3rd charger in 5 or 6 years, which is better than many have experienced. Though $240 over that stretch for power supplies that at this point I feel can fairly be said to be gauranteed to fail before the internal components are spent, is a travesty for a company that that flies the flag of "superior design" so proudly.

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    Writing this quick before the macbook dies

    The only thing I hate more than my life right now is the Macbook charger cable. It is extremely hard to change that part of the cable without changing the whole cable with the transformer, and I've done that twice already. It is pathetic the macbook pro lasts for like eternity AND the charger has to be replaced ~yearly. I really hope the person who came up with that design gets fired.

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    I am tired of buying a new adapter almost every year!! That is devastating and draining!!! I know you want our money but we, your loyal customers, want a high quality cords!!!!! Seriously, fix it! I am not giving any star although I gave one just because I would not be able to leave a comment!

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    Same frayed cable problems these have had for years

    This is possibly the worst cable I've ever bought for any device ever. I've been using Macbooks for about 10 years and these cables have all consistently had the same problem after 8-12 months. It doesn't matter if you've got a Macbook Air, a Macbook Pro, or just a Macbook. These cables all fail in the same way reliably at 8-12 months: the plastic splits near the Magsafe connection exposing the wires. The fact that its so consistent and has never been fixed suggests they do this by design. You're essentially forced to buy a new cable every year. How convenient (and profitable). No other cable I've ever used for any device has to be replaced with such frequency. The fact that you're even reading this review would probably mean your cable is frayed and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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    It sopped working after 3 weeks of use!!!

    3 weeks after getting my MacBook, the MagSafe just stopped powering it! It is absurd Apple doing this kind of products!

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    3 years lifespan

    I have 2 chargers, one at home and one at office. So my home charger never get outside of my house and with no apparent damage to anything (not even the wire). All of a sudden, the green light keeps flashing and cannot charge. It stops working around 3 years even without travel.

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    Fried power cord?

    In a year I have bought two adapters 60w and 85w for my Mac. After some time of using them suddenly they quit working both same symptoms. They have felt very hot on the end of the cord , the one side of the cord that goes inserted to the side of the laptop. After a couple weeks they stop working and I have to buy a new power adapter. Im really getting tired of this. Please make good quality products.

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    Why the racket?

    Dear Apple,

    You're on course to soon be the first ever $1 TRILLION company. Perhaps for good reason, I might add. Your power adapters (85W MagSafe for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro), in particular are poorly engineered and exceedingly overpriced. I think the general public recognizes your value as a company - why scalp us on poorly designed accessories?

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    Cords are poor quality, they fail and can’t be replaced.

    The cord connecting the charger to the computer will fail and since it isn’t modular,
    you have to replace the entire charger. Such a waste of our earth’s resources. If Apple were
    more environmentally responsible they would make the cord replaceable.
    The cords for iPhone chargers are replaceable, why not the big chargers too?

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