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    MacBook chargers are a horrible ripoff

    As everyone else is saying in their reviews these cords do not last a long time and should only be a third of the price considering how often you have to replace them. Has anyone found a reliable knock off for less money?

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    I have had different notebooks (other brands) for ages, only issue I had with them was after serveral years of use. My MBP is not 2 years old yet and the charger blew up today. I opened it and found there are fried chips inside it. This comment is not about design of the thing (which is far from optimal) but about the hardware quality, I have read many posts on internet where people suffered exact same problem. Also the prices is way to high for this.

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    Why do all of Apple's cords FRAY

    I refuse to get the new macbook pro that doesn't have a magsafe adapter or any USB ports (but let's not go there)... my old macbook charger completely frayed on the brick end and now they want $80!! for a out of date charger?!

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    Frayed and Sparking - Dangerous!

    For $80 I expect a whole lot more from a supposedly "premium" product.

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    Just stopped working

    Broke after about a year to the day. The power cord from the wall works but the adapter to the computer is done. No idea. Went through a bunch of forums and tried different things. No good. Not even fraying or any of the other classic stupid reasons that motivate people to buy new overpriced adapters from Apple. Fix your garbage or just admit that it's garbage and make it cheaper, these things probably cost you less than $5 to produce.

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    Frayed at the mag end.

    Yep. Frayed at magnet end, just like everyone else. Lasted almost three years but one year in it had an obvious kink in the cord at that end. 1.6 years of babying it and now it's finally split with exposed wires. What a piece of work Apple is to NOT create a power adapter with a replaceable cord when they know it does this... $80 for the charger?!? Do us a favor Apple and make chargers that last or make the parts more easily and affordably replaceable, eh? Thx.

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    Sick of ordering new power cables. As a professional I cannot deal with no power. UPDATE AND FIX THIS DESIGN, ALL YOUR PRODUCTS DO THIS

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    Minus 5 stars

    The Apple MagSafe power adapter is a less than piece-of-rubbish with a capital C piece of equipment, that Apple can't or won't bring to even a mediocre standard of quality. Now on my 3rd power adapter in 4 years. WTF Apple???

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    Here we go again

    shortly after i bought my MacBook pro retina display, the charger was no longer working.... so $100 gone. Here we are again, my charger has died for no explicable reason. Ive never had problems with power chords when i had a DELL! Judging by the other comments, this is a huge problem! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this! My computer costed $2k, i really cant afford to be buying another charger for it every couple of years. If i could give this 0 stars i would.

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    Just ordered 5th adapter in last 7 years

    If there were another way to charge my MacBook Pro I'd do it. I have replaced this part in 2010, 2011, 2014 and now 2017. All because of fraying of the thin adapter cord. I don't abuse the cord. It normally sits in one place. It's not bent, twisted, pinched or anything else. It's just poorly made. Apple needs to take these reviews seriously and make a better product.

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    There should be a computer Lemon Law violation here

    For all of the other 1 star ratings, I salute all of you. I am on my second cable having replaced my first for the same reason, they fray at the connector and have shown burned plastic at the point of the fray. It is clear, this is a defective design and could pose a risk of possible fire, in my opinion.

    While I have read some others say that all of this is the product of abuse, you are dead wrong. After the first wire damage, I used extra caution to store the cable when traveling. No sharp bends, in fact, the cable is looped when I travel into an 9 inch in diameter loop and tied with a velcro strap to avoid tangling and unnecessary bending. Obviously, it didn't prevent it either.

    If you folks care about improving designs at Apple and correcting flaws, get this ridiculous problem fixed. This is a really weak effort people.

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    Why so many bad reviews?

    My charger lasted for 7 years!! Never had any problems.

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    cable problems

    How I use my cable: I plug it into the wall, and let it rest on the floor and table while my MBPr 2015 charges. When charged to 100, I detach it from my laptop. I only occasionally pack it for travel, and I take care to leave a loop at the ends where there could be stress on the cables when wound for travel. Should I be unplugging it from the wall receptacle every time I'm not using it to charge? Perhaps that is the problem here?

    I reinforce all my cables at the business ends with Sugru, as a preemptive strike. The Sugru at the adapter end of my thin cable has a crack running perpendicular to the cord, so that join now has two segments. Ok, still functioning. The Sugru at the MagSafe end is fine. But the cable itself split down the middle about 24in. from the adapter brick, exposing the shielding, so I covered it with electrical tape and started shopping. Perhaps there is an overheating problem.

    Still, I come here to find the cable situation is dreadful. Apple used to be the king of quality and when they made a design or engineering mistake, they fixed it. The preponderance of my many Apple devices over the decades has been easy and enjoyable to use, which seemed to set Apple above the crowd. Why is this design reputation not safeguarded as a corporate asset? Are you nuts?

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    Cords always fray

    Every Apple power cord I've had has ended up fraying at the connector to the Mac. I've had to replace every one. I don't know why Apple can't get this design right.

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    They have worked for me

    I have used the original chargers with several MacBook Pros and never had any fraying issues of the cords. The center block does get hotter than I think it should. If you abuse the cords they will fail on you. Stuffing the cords into back packs and stressing the connector end will result in premature failure.

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    To those that have had problems...

    I've read several of the reviews about this charger. It definitely has issues. It gets hot while it works and will shut down if it's too hot. The cording also has been a problem, but I've had several of these chargers. My earliest one had a cable that frayed at the magnetic end of the cable. The cable just split open, and so I put a piece of heat shrink tubing over it, which held it for awhile. But then, if I used my laptop on the bed, I began to notice light gray flecks of rubber laying around. It was from the magnetic cord that attaches to your laptop, not the AC cord. The earlier cables were made out of a different kind of rubbery plastic. At some point, it will simply disintegrate on its own. Eventually, that power supply's cable lost almost all of its rubber coating on the entire cable, leaving bits and pieces of rubber anywhere I used it, exposing the braided shield. I bought another one and threw the old one away. The newer model's cable wasn't as flexible as the older model. It felt more or less like Teflon. It was a bit stiffer, but it hasn't frayed at all, and while the box itself still gets hot, the cable is holding up well. These power supplies for the most part are fairly reliable, unless you have one of the early models with the different cable composition. And yes, Apple needs to made a charger where the cable can be easily detached and replaced, especially if you travel a lot with your laptop. Also, be careful to not cover the charger box with anything so it can ventilate.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adaptor

    Dangerous - everyone I know with a MacBook Pro has a frayed cord at either or both ends of the slimmer cord part that goes between the 'box' and the laptop. The wire overheats, burns through the plastic, the plastic splits...even if you wrap it in electrical tape, it eventually burns through that, then the wires burn up and disintegrate! This is the first time I've written a review anywhere...just have to warn people about the danger and ridiculous design. I've read reviews of the same problem in the review section of this website from the present going back 6-7 years. I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall on this in favor of all the Apple users who have purchased the product, rather than the experience I had of walking in an Apple distributor store and being told it was my fault for not winding the cord correctly (me using computers for 30+ years (PC and Apple) having this problem only with this Apple cord)!

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    Not sure what all the fuss is about

    I have a 4.5 year old MBP and have 3 of these power adapters/cables. 2 for in the house and one on the road. I've NEVER had an issue with the cord fraying near the magentic connector. It's been hit, and kicked at the coffee house numerous times. The rubber collar is in great shape. What are you folks doing to yours that I am not??

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    MagSafe power Adapter and cord.

    Dear Apple,

    This is a poorly constructed product and very expensive to replace. The MagSafe power Adapter and cord would be better constructed if one had the option of disconnecting the cube from the cord when storing it. Both mine and my brother's have frayed; one close to the cube and the other, at the end which attaches to the computer.

    It would appear that this is an issue you are well aware of since others have complained about this on your review page. Or do you not read these reviews? I am unemployed and funds are practically nonexistent so spending $80 on this is a great hardship!!

    Please FIX this issue! Your computers as good as they are, aren't cheap so the least you can do is provide customers with accessories that last!!

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    one solution to faulty power supply design

    Like many of you, I've been deeply disappointed by Apple's continued sale of a power supply that breaks so easily...but too hooked on my MacBook Pro to stop buying them. I'm about to purchase my fourth power supply. The reliability of this problem is supported by the fact that another company markets a fix for it: the laptop charger protector for MacBook and PC, sold by a major on-line store I can't name here. Just learned about this from a friend who is another Mac user; he says he hasn't had to buy another power supply since he found this.

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