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    Yes for Unibody, No for older MBP's

    • Written by Steven R from Whitby

    Own Early 2008 MBP and Late 2009 MBP.
    Works on the unibody, does not on my early 2008.
    The port on the new MacBooks are smaller and more shallow, this charger reflects this change and will not make contact with older ports found on non-unibody.
    Buyer beware, save yourself the hassle and find an 'I" MagSafe charger if you have a non-unibody.

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    Design improvement required

    • Written by Von K from Portland

    I like the magnet and angle design of the plug. Very cool. I realize the cable needs to be pliant otherwise it would come unplugged every time you fidget with the MBP in your lap. I get it, however, this cable is extremely thin. It's vulnerable. I'm not surprised other people have experienced problems with the cable. My kitten chewed through my cable last night and he's just a tiny little punk, not a big punk like my other cat. I realize it's not Apple's fault about the cat, however, this unit is in perfect working order save for a bite mark on the cable. This is where we need a design upgrade. The cable should plug into the base with a snug connection, that way we can purchase a replacement cable instead of the whole unit in case something happens to only the cable. The current design is like forcing us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We should be able to keep the adapter and simply replace the cable. From there, it would be nice if we could buy different types of cables, a thicker cable, a different color perhaps. If it were affordable, I would just order a few of them to have on hand in case something happens. Apple, please consider this. It's wasteful and harmful to the environment to have to chuck the whole unit into a landfill just because of a frayed cable.

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    Needs design tweak

    • Written by David K from Auke Bay

    Here I am a year after purchasing my laptop and having to replace the power adapter. I love the magnetic feature but it the end that connects to the block that I have issues with. Currently I have duct tape around it so as to prevent a fire/exposure of inner wires. Why can't this end be attached in a different way that would eliminate / reduce wear? Apple is good about our environment in the design of its hardware, it's time to make this simple change saving our landfills from an abundance of these power adapters.

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    • Written by Rebecca C from Travelers Rest

    My computer is only 9 months old and I am having to order another power adapter!!! C'mon, why is this?? The cord tangles for no reason and now the wires are frayed at the connection to the adaptor. I am VERY disappointed and have been an Apple user all of my computer days (since the little box desktop). I hate to have to spend the money!!!!

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    Cord keeps breaking

    • Written by Sara V from Golden

    Every cord I've ever had comes loose just below the magnetic connector and it breaks in less than a year. Very frustrating they all fall apart. Magnetic design has more potential than this.

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    A little annoyed

    • Written by Sophie J from Williamstown

    I have been a loyal Apple customer since the 1990s (when I was a little girl) I am now a College student and Apple's products have steadily declined over the years. However, up until the most recent models I never had serious problems with any of Apple's machines or accessories. Until this year. I bought a new MacBookPro with the new style of power cord. My power cord has frayed 3 times this year. I do not treat my cords particularly badly, I simply use my computer as it was meant to be used, in fact it has seen much less abuse than most of my old computers as it spends most of it's time on my desk. the power cord has been almost continuously connected to the computer and rarely moves from it's location (except to follow me on school breaks, in which it lives properly coiled up in a suitcase). I take care of my technology, since without it I am organizationally challenged, but I do expect some attention to be shown to durability. There was a time when Apple had the best products on the market that time however apparently ended in 1999 as no product that I have used since then from this company has ever been up to snuff. I preferred the old T-style chargers as they were actually LESS fragile (although I'll admit the flipping upside down has some benefits). I am now buying a new one, it better work for longer than the old one or I might just go buy a Dell laptop and dump my MacBookPro, with it's faulty charger on my little brother. The only reason I'm not doing that now is that I am still under warranty. really? I've had to buy 2 new cords in 1 year? I am a College student,$79 is a huge part of my budget. it means I'll have to skimp even more than I already do, and my rumbling tummy does NOT appreciate this.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Ember M from Aurora

    I have had my MacBook Pro 15 inch for almost exactly 2 years now and I have already have TWO of these chargers stop working for no apparent reason. It's not my computer, because other chargers have worked, so it must be this product. They are NOT designed to last. I'm about to buy my THIRD $80 computer charger and am not happy about it.

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    Why is this simple power cable considered a CONSUMABLE??!?

    • Written by Todd M H from Lethbridge

    I have gone through 3 of these cables, and I am about to get my 4th!! Whats going on? To charge $79 is one thing, which I don't mind paying, I expect to pay more for my Apple products because I can usually depend on getting quality and dependability. But in this case, Apple has really failed. The failure (for me) is always near the MagSafe end of the cable. I'm a tech, so I can tell that there are wire breakages or fraying happening inside the rubber shielding. To happen once, is a one-off, to happen repeatedly is a serious problem with manufacturing and/or design. Come on Apple, put something decent in place of this part. The MagSafe idea is great, and so is the multi-colour LED, but the basics don't work - the actual POWER CABLE! And PLEASE stop gauging me $79 every time I have to pay for ANOTHER one of these failed products.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Design Defect?

    • Written by Michael L from Chicago

    This adapter has an unfortunate design flaw. The skinny cord is prone to fraying or developing shorts near the MagSafe connector. Because this connector is permanently affixed to the transformer brick, you must replace the entire unit when the cord fails. I understand that these cords do fail—this is probably an unavoidable consequence of winding and unwinding. But it seems incredibly wasteful that you have to junk the entire adapter when the cord does fail. And they're so expensive to replace.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Is self-destruct buit in?

    • Written by Richard F from Rio Rancho

    I have taken immaculate care of my MagSafe adapter, yet it started splitting at the MS plug end. I attempted to repair it and now the length of the cord between the laptop and the adapter module is splitting. Not a device that wear and tear should be an issue as it never leaves my living room, It never sits in direct sunlight, so it should not be splitting. Granted, it still works, but I worry about future safety.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Power adapter

    • Written by Terry M from Sammamish

    The design of wrapping the wire around the L shaped prongs for storage causes the wire to twist/bend in the same spot over and over. Eventually the plastic wrap over the wire breaks exposing the wire causing the unit to fail and short out.

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    Cables are just too fragile

    • Written by Guillaume M from Lille

    Ended up in this review page because after my cable frayed, I held it together with tape. Thought it would do the trick for a while but now I'm getting a lot of static noise through the headphones jack when the power cable is plugged in.

    Obviously like many other people I'm very disappointed, this being my 2nd charger that meets this fate. Now I would understand and keep relatively quiet if the price of a replacement charger wouldn't be so high, but this is getting annoying.

    The way I see it, this cable is either fragile on purpose, or nobody is reading these reviews.

    There's no pride to get from the quality of one's product when a flaw this obvious is not being taken care of.

    Very disappointed.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Frayed after careful use

    • Written by Carlie K from Redlands

    My first power adaptor that came with my MacBook Pro lasted about a year and half. Being my first laptop, I was extremely careful with bending and straining the cord. Then within a week or two the part that connects to the laptop went from perfectly fine to terribly frayed. I went to the nearest Apple store, two hours away, and complained enough to get a new one. They kept telling me that it looked like a cat chewed on it. I do not own a cat, nor did anything chew on the cable. Now, about 6 months after the new power adaptor, it's fraying again. Still no cats, and I've been even more careful to not strain it in any way than I was with the first one.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Durability is Everything

    • Written by Cynthia S from Topanga

    I've been around technology my entire life and ALWAYS handle my computers and accessories with the utmost care, however the charger that came with my mac fizzled out recently after about 18 months of use. There is no external fraying on the chord, and it still appears on the outside to be in mint condition.

    It really is frustrating when things break doing the job that they're made to perform.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Fried on me.

    • Written by Raymond G from San Gabriel

    Ya Apple, I love your products but you really need to take another look at these chargers. They start to fray at the connection points and eventually just fry up. I thought I lost my whole mac too. For what we are paying, they should be better.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not good Apple, not good at all.

    • Written by Max L from Bath

    I got my Macbook Pro 15" Late 2011 last christmas and just now my MagSafe charger has just broken. Every time I plug it in I can smell burning. (not sure what it smells like but it's not good at all.) I've treated this charger incredibly well, and yet it breaks. I used to be a big Apple fan, but things like these are diminishing that. I've also had the unibody Macbook for several years before I had this one and I also had to replace at least 2-3 chargers. I usually don't complain about Apple's price but, having these chargers break repetitively over a short amount of time and having to buy an $80 charger each time is a little over the line. I'm sure most people would agree.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Wire on power cord burns out from bending.

    • Written by Paul S from EASTHAM

    This is such an obvious design flaw. It is amazing that Apple doesn't do anything about it. We have had more than one Power adapter go bad because the thin cord breaks where it meets the white block. Other electrical cords like this have an inch or two of soft rubber or plastic to help absorb the stress on the wire. I just took about two or three inches of 2" wide clear packing tape and wrapped it around the base of the wire where it meets the block. I can already see that the stress on the wire will be alleviated. This cost me basically nothing. No reason I should have to cobble together a fix like this to a high-end product that should have the solution built in from the beginning.

    Also doesn't always connect to computer without some wiggling back and forth to get connection light to come on.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked great until....

    • Written by Anthony R from Riverton

    When it works, it works like it's designed. I kept good care of mine, had it for 18 months, not even signs of wear and tear. One morning my MBP wouldn't charged and I noticed the cord looked nearly severed near the adapter and had scorch marks. Lucky a fire didn't start. Apple Genius agreed that definitely wasn't normal, and the product definitely failed, then quickly suggested I buy a new one for $80. Wish there was a cheaper way to replace a cord, than buy a whole new adapter.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    good for a year

    • Written by Anonymous A from 8068

    lasted me just over a year... soon as my macbook pro warranty ran out boom the charger went to *. sure one side is detatchable with a thick cable but the other side from the adapter isn't detatchable and has a thin cable coming from it which ripped apart and now no longer charges my laptop. If the guys at the genius bar don't replace this charger because i'm out of warranty i will go ape *. i spent $2500 on my mbp and i have to worry about my charger a year later? really?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cord melted

    • Written by Matthew S from Roswell

    Had mine for about just over a year. It seems like the cord actually melted away from the power supply. Not cool.

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