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    Scratching my Head???

    • Written by Richard R from Marlton

    I have had my MacBook Pro since 2011 when I purchased it new at my local Apple store.
    I had read reviews and noticed that the charger seemed to be a weak link in an otherwise much loved and admired piece of hardware!
    So when the chance to purchase a slightly used but otherwise in great shape magsafe charger I grabbed one and tucked it away waiting for what I assumed would be the inevitable failure of the unit that came with the laptop.
    Fast forward to 4/8/2017 and on a beautiful weekend my wife and I were doing a little spring cleaning and low and behold I found an Apple laptop charger wrapped up neatly still in the packaging it arrived in some 6 years ago!
    While I didn't spend that much for the "back-up " charger I bought, I think it may have cost $50, it turned out that $50 would have been better spent on something else!
    I am still using the original charger my cable never frayed like so many reviews said it would.
    I am pretty careful with my things especially when they cost as much as a fully loaded Apple pro laptop does but I can't think its, what, luck? Am I just so careful my charger made it this far with no issues?
    To see SO many negative reviews most complaining of the same or similar issues how did I manage to not destroy my charger by now?
    So as the title states I am scratching my head I don't think its unreasonable to take an extra 10 seconds and place my pinky near the base of the cable when I wrap it up to make sure I leave a small stress relief loop in the end of it.
    I always wrap the cable around the collapsible tabs built into the charger and then I toss it in my bag and away we go.
    Even my daughter with her MacBook Air that has now reached 4 or 5 years old, I forget which, has never had an issue and she is NOT careful but still no fraying no problem?
    While I am certain all the people that took the time to write a negative review truly have a problem I think its unfortunate that the, in my opinion, much larger group that has no problems at all don't take a moment to write a positive review so here is one for you Apple!

    Have a great day!!

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    First problem with a power adapter

    • Written by Nicholas W.J. H from Anchorage

    I have been buying these power adapters for years. I usually have three: one at work, one at home, one in the computer bag. I still have some with the concentric plug from previous generations. My wife and my son have MacBookPros, and they use the same adapters. And we have no problems.

    So far, I have lost one adapter (left it behind, my fault), and today my first one actually died. It was the home unit, so not subject to a lot of twiddling, just plug in and plug out. It was an older unit with a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, so I must have got about 5-6 years out of it. I have had no issues with fraying, internal breaks and the like that others complain about. I suspect that these represent a small percentage of the total number of adapters out there, so one's chances of getting a dud are fairly low. That doesn't make it the least bit easier for those who get a poor unit, but it may put the numbers into perspective, and so the chances of getting a flaky adapter.

    I'm going to buy another one, so I'll see if the latest ones are OK. I'll let you know if it dies!

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    Works Great

    • Written by Chester W from Rustburg

    I use this for my 13" Macbook; as a result of my original charger (60 watt) going out on me the day i have an online exam. I was having problems with my battery life thinking i need a new battery or mag safe replacement but those problems ceased when i bought this charger. It charges it it seems faster definitely doesn’t heat up like my last one does. awesome charger don't really understand why all the bad reviews other than it being a little pricey for a charger. Also, my last charger lasted 4 years not too shabby for how much i threw it around)

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    Great power adapter

    • Written by Daniel D from NARBERTH

    Of all the laptop power adapter i have handled this has been the best one. its hard for me to say why so many people have had issues because i have had mine for 2.5 years now and haven't had one problem. maybe i will have one soon due to cable bending from putting it in and taking out of my bag. but overall i have never had any problems.

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    Great Charger

    • Written by Cecelia E from New Britain

    I have several of these chargers ( we have 4 different mac books) and they have all been great. I move around the house a lot and therefore move my charger and I must say...I'm not very graceful and have dropped it many times. It continues to work fine. Two of them I've had for almost a year and a half. I sent two out to my daughter for her older mac book who lives in another state and she has had no issues with hers. I would recommend this charger without hesitation.

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    Works great with original 17" MacBook Pro

    • Written by Brandon G from Tulsa

    I have an original 17" MacBook Pro (first Intel model with the Core Duo CPU). This adapter works just as good as the original adapter. I saw someone say it wouldn't work but after the original brick killed two new batteries on me I ended up buying a new 17" MacBook Pro and tried the new brick on the old MBP and it's been working fine and NOT killing my batteries for 2 weeks now.

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    works great!

    • Written by Thomas S from Lac la Hache

    I love this power adapter in comparison to some of the other ones i had (or my wife uses for her laptop (PC)). I am actually thinking of getting another one to put in my laptop bag.

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    Powersafe Power Adapter backward compatible.

    • Written by albert P from whittier, ca

    My old power adapter failed and ceased providing power to my 2007 MacBook Pro. The new Powersafe Power Adapter works very well and looks great. I was worried after reading some of the cons, however I am pleased to report that the adapter is indeed backward compatible.

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    Lucky I guess

    • Written by Angela C from Tempe

    I have had my oldest cord since December 2007 and my newest since May 2011 and I have never had them frayed. I am repurchasing only because it got lost in transit. Not sure how others' fray, but I guess I am just lucky.!?

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    Works great on 2007 MBP

    • Written by Michael H from Windsor

    My old charger with the straight connector failed after 6 years. This new charger works perfect with my 2007 15" MBP. Never had any problems with the cord.

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    I own two, no issues, Works well as advertised.

    • Written by John B from Whittier

    The "Magsafe" idea really saved my bacon on my 15" MBP. The break-away design keeps it from being ripped off a table. Very happy with that. So far, no issues. I've had the powerlight turn off once or twice on its own but I found out why it was doing it, do a search for article TS3499 on the Apple support board.

    I reset the power cord by unplugging it for a minute or two and it never shut off again. So far, so good. :)

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    Works Just Fine!

    • Written by Hady O from Canada

    I haven't had any issues with this charger I'v owned this for almost a year, previously I've had a W/Macbook for 3 years using the same charger.

    I think the people with the low ratings, have issues with wear & tear and not taking care of the cable, I do agree it is a little thing where it attaches with the computer.

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    Great but doesn't integrate with other products

    • Written by Benjamin S from Lyndhurst

    My old adapter broke - started going on and off power and required being held in odd positions to get it to work. My old one was MagSafe but connected straight in, not like this one out the side of the plug. This one I think will put less stress on the cord as there is no bending necessary. However, it didn't fit with my case that I had on with my old cord! This adapter must be more shallow. The case I had was really thin - speck... So the cord works and I think will work better than my old one but I had to take my case off. I haven't explored if other case options exist. I have a MacBook Pro 15".

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    Excellent Upgrade!

    • Written by Christos G from Chania

    Much better than the old one, with incidentally just a few days ago blew up and tripped the fuses in my mains panel! This just works, and doesn't heat up nearly as much as the old one. Plus, it's fully compatible with older macs, mine is an early 2008 "Penryn" model, works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. A little caution, because my battery is also new, from a different manufacturer (previous was sony, new is "SMP"). Don't know if older batteries will work as flawlessly, but so far so good here!

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    No problems here

    • Written by Matthew F from Edmonton

    I've been using MagSafe power cords since the first model and I've never had any problems with them. I'm not sure how so many people in the reviews wreck theirs. Perhaps they should treat the cord with a little respect. The price is too high but they work as advertised.

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    My suggestion: buy a second one!

    • Written by Jennifer U from Norfolk

    One of these comes with the laptop you purchase. If your electric outlet is inconvenient to reach on a regular basis, then purchasing a second one would be ideal. That way you can leave one at the desk and one in the travel bag!

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    A comment for "horrible design" and "blocks the other ports"....

    • Written by Lisa R from Jasper

    Here's a suggestion......

    Turn....It.....Around!!!!!!! Problem solved!

    Love these power supplies. I've got two for my laptop (one I keep at home and one I carry with me) and I've never had a bit of trouble, and I love the new design.

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    Works great with Macbook Too!

    • Written by Michael C from West Hurley

    The new power adaptor is great. It is much slimmer than the last power adaptor both at the magsafe end and at the charging block. The 85W will step itself down if you use this on a macbook so it can be used on BOTH the macbook and macbook pro models. Buying this can give you a charger for both if you wish to budget or if you have both and do not wish to have the power adaptor be tied to a specific laptop. Overall a great product.

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    Power Safe

    • Written by Elvin A from Fayetteville

    Outstanding replacement, it's better than the original the only drawback is the price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Mark M from La Crosse

    I have read the negative reviews. I'm not sure what people are doing with their chargers because I'm using the one that came with the laptop 5 years ago and have never had a problem. I'm only ordering another one so that I have one at work and home. Simple device...does what it's supposed to as long as I do.

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