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    I've got a MacBook Air 13" (2011) that I feel is the finest travel computer for a businessman ever invented. I love this little workhorse. Also, the power adapter on mine works just fine ... no problems. Instead of unplugging every time I hit the road, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a spare for my computer bag. Wrong!

    $79.95? Is this someone's idea of a joke? Eighty bucks for a power adapter? Sure the cell phone manufacturers have run this scam for years, refusing to standardize on a plug configurations/power ratings so that the buyer is forced to buy yet another power adapter (I've got about twenty of them sitting in a drawer). But those pieces of junk are only $20 or $30. $80? For what?

    I've got AppleCare, so I'll just keep on plugging in and unplugging the one adapter I have until it dies, then you can replace it for free. Really, you folks at Apple build the coolest stuff on earth, but you do need to re-think your policy of over-charging for the small stuff.

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    4 months old, already failing!

    I'm a new Apple person, love the MacBook Air! But the power supply is already intermittent. It is under warranty, but they will not pay me for the half-day I will spend going to the Apple store to get something that should last longer than the computer!

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    Afraid to Move My Computer

    I have only had my MacBook Pro for about 2 months, and my power cable is starting to fail. I can't move my computer or the connection is broken between my power cable and my computer.

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    Wish I could give it zero stars.

    My children both have Macbook Airs. Between them, four chargers have frayed (same place every time) and stopped working in less than 18 months. They cost nearly 90 euro to replace every time, as we now live in the Netherlands (for a charging cable, that's extortionate), and thus, when my daughter goes to University this year, we are buying a non Apple laptop for her, solely because of this problem. She won't be able to afford to replace cables at this rate on a student loan. Apple should be addressing the poor quality and the pricing of this cable. Hugely disappointed.

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    I'm in the middle of finals and all of a sudden my charger stopped working. I've put it in every position possible and now have 8% battery left and live 2 hours from the nearest apple store. You'd think Apple would do something about fixing this problem or not mark the charger up to $80. This is not what I want to be spending my money on plus the 4 hours worth of gas I'll have to pay for to go get the stupid thing so I can study! No one has a good review of this thing so fix it. Thanks for making your customers feel robbed when they have to go buy an $80 charger time and time again.

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    Starting to fail, just past warranty

    My 45w magsafe power adapter is starting to fail. Spotty performance and will only charge at all if the machine is shut down. I've had the computer just over a year.

    I gave the thing 1 star because I really don't think an adapter should ever fail, except in rare cases, but there are more than 200 reviews here with the same or similar complaint.

    And the $80 price tag to replace it is insult added to injury.

    This isn't right, Apple. You should replace this cord for free.

    Otherwise love my 11" air.

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    What gives

    How can you make the worlds best computer but have the worst power cord in the universe???
    Oh did I mention that the damm thing cost 83.74. I have had my Air book less than 3 months and have had to replace it twice. Apple you need to do something about the price and the quality of the 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air.

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    Sudden Death after less than a year

    The power adapter that came with my Mac Book Air suddenly stopped working. No orange/green led indicator, and no "charging" icon.

    Luckily, I bought the Air to replace my 2008 era Mac Book Pro, so I dug the charger out of the box, and thank god it charges.

    Still, I haven't had the Mac Book Air for even a year - and the charger goes out? Unacceptable.

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    Power cord FAIL

    My MacBook Air is 7 months old. Power cord has failed.

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    i have my Mac air one year and i am replacing my magsafe adaptor for the second time lower the price if you expect us to replace this every year,

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    Bad quality, too expensive

    On average, I have to get a new charger every year. These die way too quickly. Like many of these reviews, the wires become exposed and it's becoming so hot it'll be a fire hazard. About to go to the Apple store and get a new one, but first wanted to write a review. WAY too expensive for the quality. Treat your loyal customers a little better, we know you have the money!

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    The power adapter that came with my MacBook Air started to fail after only five or six months. Worse yet, when I brought it to the Apple store, the "genius" wouldn't replace it since it had not completely died. Well, now it's completely dead. Now I need to make another trip to the Apple store.

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    Mac Book Air Charger Failed

    My charger has failed and my MacBook Air is less than a year old. Anyone know if there is a warranty, and for how long? Apple, please help because I still have a good PC and am ready to return. How many of these comments do you need before you act?

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    Intermittent Charging

    As previously noted by other owners of the Macbook Air, my charger is not always charging the computer. If I do not take note of this I end up leaving for work with a drained battery even though the charger was plugged in and connected to the computer. I've owned the otherwise good Macbook Air for four months and the power adapter is becoming increasingly unreliable. I will be contacting Apple to resolve this problem.

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    power adapter fail

    my power adapter stopped working 5 months after I bought my macbook air. for shame apple, for shame.

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    Intermittent after 6 months

    Love my MacBook Air but the power adapter is already intermittent after only 6 months use.


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    2nd one died in a year.

    This is a very poor quality product. Apple should recall them and replace with a version that lasts more than a year.

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    worse than ever

    Apple power cords always give out on me, but the way the cord comes out the end of this one seems to be inviting trouble. I spent a semester trying to keep it from bending any way that could pull the cord the wrong way, but it gave out anyway. Only five months? Ridiculous for the price these are going for.

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    I've had my Macbook Air for a few months and I love it but HATE the power cord! It gets extremely HOT and charges when it wants to. I need to hold it in a certain direction for it to charge but once I let go so does the charge. It is terrible!

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    Shame on you Apple

    I would like to meet the person who designed and approved this cord and beat them with it. My MacBook Air (13 inch - Mid 2011) is now on it's 4th cord. The computer lives on my desk and is taken to the office once per week. The rubber on the cord just falls apart and then becomes a serious safety hazard. Another product designed to fail so the customer is continually spending. Absolute joke.

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