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    I've got a MacBook Air 13" (2011) that I feel is the finest travel computer for a businessman ever invented. I love this little workhorse. Also, the power adapter on mine works just fine ... no problems. Instead of unplugging every time I hit the road, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a spare for my computer bag. Wrong!

    $79.95? Is this someone's idea of a joke? Eighty bucks for a power adapter? Sure the cell phone manufacturers have run this scam for years, refusing to standardize on a plug configurations/power ratings so that the buyer is forced to buy yet another power adapter (I've got about twenty of them sitting in a drawer). But those pieces of junk are only $20 or $30. $80? For what?

    I've got AppleCare, so I'll just keep on plugging in and unplugging the one adapter I have until it dies, then you can replace it for free. Really, you folks at Apple build the coolest stuff on earth, but you do need to re-think your policy of over-charging for the small stuff.

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    Afraid to Move My Computer

    I have only had my MacBook Pro for about 2 months, and my power cable is starting to fail. I can't move my computer or the connection is broken between my power cable and my computer.

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    Bad quality, too expensive

    On average, I have to get a new charger every year. These die way too quickly. Like many of these reviews, the wires become exposed and it's becoming so hot it'll be a fire hazard. About to go to the Apple store and get a new one, but first wanted to write a review. WAY too expensive for the quality. Treat your loyal customers a little better, we know you have the money!

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    Power adapter stopped working

    Well at least I got a good year and half out of my MagSafe adapter before it went out on me. It worked fine up until this morning when I wound the cord and actually heard the wiring disconnect... Didn't pay much attention to it at the time but when I arrived at my destination and plugged it in, the battery indicator did not show that the computer was charging. I thought "oh well, I'll just buy a new power adapter" but the $80 price tag just blows my mind! I actually have a Mac Book Pro, luckily the MacBook Air that I purchased for my son also charges my Pro... I think we'll share for a while!

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    Fortunate - Got 6mo

    I feel pretty fortunate that I was able to get a little less than six months out of my adapter. I had no clue there were these issues until I tried to figure why my Air won't charge. It's a useless hunk of aluminum without the adapter. With all the issues I see in the reviews has anyone proposed a class action lawsuit? Seems like a customer could expect a bit more than 6 month life before the $1500 purchase was rendered useless.

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    Unfortunate power supply

    The small magnitized connection to the computer itself is elegant. The stiff, fat extention portion of the power cord assembly couldn't be more of a contrast and makes the whole package bulky, awkward and less easily portable. A real design miss.

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    Just like everyone else: power failed FAST

    Gotta add my name to the chorus here:
    Although I love my Air, the power failed really fast. It was intermittent for a while and had to be held in a particular position, then just stopped supplying power altogether.

    I can't understand how this fundamental problem can still exist!!!!!

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    Don't go breakin' my heart...

    Um, within two weeks of using the DC connector, the magnetic end broke off and had to be pulled out of my Macbook with needlenose pliers. Boo. Now I have to pay $80 to replace the whole charging system when all I need is the cord.

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    I love the design of the charger and it continued to work (I'm almost at one year with it) but it just started splitting at the seams and unraveling especially at groove where you tuck in the free end of the cord. I tried to tape it with electrical tape but it just got absolutely disgusting.
    Granted, it still works but I don't like exposed wires. For something that retails for 80 dollars, the cable jacket shouldn't spontaneously split. I went to get another one and hopefully it will not unwrap.

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    Nice Design - Failed Fast

    I love the magsafe design and the ability to switch the high voltage cord for different situations. Unfortunately, the power adapter failed after about 7 months of light use.

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    Just over a year old...and need to replace!

    I have had my MacBook Air since December 2010. My power adapter no longer works. It just stopped working. There is nothing wrong with the cord. No fraying, no excessive wear and tear. I am disappointed that this already needs to be replaced!!! And it is NOT cheap!!!!

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    Poor quality for its price

    I got my macbook air 11' at 2012 as the travel laptop to replace the heavy Mac Pro. The Air still works perfectly without any problem. Love it! However, my third adapter is totally dead today, and I need to buy the forth one! The second one is free from apple, since the first one is dead after only half-year using. After that I need to pay these poor quality adapter by myself.

    I really believe this adapter has some design issue. It is not make sense that the adapter has much shorter life than the laptop itself.

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    Have to buy a new one EVERY year

    I really wish Apple could make their chargers more durable. I swear I have bought a new one every year, & I do try my best to take care of it. It just breaks so easily, & the price for 1 charger is too expensive. But what else can you do right ? Not impressed with the durability of this charger

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    45W MagSafe Power Adapter Cord Fraying!

    It appears that the issue I'm having with my Mac Air Power Adapter cord is not unique. It's about six years old. The Mac Air has been great and looks brand new. But, I cannot say the same for the power cord.

    I've read many, many others who have taken the time to type a review stating their distain for this product. Apple produces a newer version of this power adapter, but I'm extremely hesitate to spring $80 for it. I will look elsewhere.

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    My first charger lasted a couple years, until I left it in Florida. The replacement has stopped working after 14 months. It still looks perfectly fine. One would think it has plenty of life left but it won't charge the computer. These chargers seem awfully expensive for how short lived they are.

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    Charger Failure

    I have had numerous Apple computers and products over the years without any failures. Within months of purchase of the MacBook Air the 45W MagSafe Power Adapter failed. The failure was initially intermittent. I had a second one for travel so no computer time was lost. Since this problem appears to be relatively common, I posted this comment which is a first for me. Apple needs to address this issue.

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    Power supply dead

    Loved this power supply cord for 5 months, but this morning I woke up to a dead battery even though my Air was plugged in. Took it to a local retailer who tested both the computer and the power supply cord; the cord was indeed dead. Luckily I can get a new one under warranty, but what if this happens again? And I'm not pleased about the 2-4 day wait as I need the computer for work. I'm a bonafide iGeek, but this little issue really needs to be rectified.

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    Poor quality

    It only lasted four months. I'll need to go to the Apple store to replace it. Lucky for me I have a spare one. I just hope that doesn't stop working like this one. It's not broken due to wearing - this unit stays at home and doesn't move around so it's not like it's been abused. I am disappointed.

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    Looks good - doesn't last long - insane price.

    The 90 degree fitting off the Mac, while sexy looking is poorly designed for durability. I prefer the older design that came straight off the MacBook that lasted 2 years. This one 6 months...

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    Tip finally twisted off.

    After two years of amazing use, no problems at all, the tip of the cable began to short circuit and I would move it around until it started to charge. Then it stopped working completely. I noticed that I could spin the entire top around and I could hear crunching, then tugged on it and the whole top pulled off. This is the only problem I had with it.

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