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    Accessory Not supported by this iPhone

    Don't waste your money apparently Apple in their infinite greedy wisdom has programmed support for this adaptor out of IOS programming since iOS 8.0 I have this adaptor (model A1422) and iPhone 4s. But get the This accessory is not supported by this iPhone message when I try to use it. NOT COOL APPLE. I will be sure to keep this in mind on all future purchases.

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    This is unacceptable, I paid too much money for the simple ability to send a signal through an adaptor and it can not do that. It never worked once with my iphone 4s at ios8. The way that apple promotes "planned obsolescence" by making their old devices incapable of performing actions -once a new device comes out- to force consumers to buy the newer more expensive devices is deceitful towards its customers and environmentally dangerous (because useless consumer electronics end up contributing to long term e-waste). I would much rather have the galaxy note 2 or a google phone, they are simply better, more advanced phones at a cheaper price. Of course, if you're a slave to trends like some teenage girl I understand why it's so hard to make the obvious choice of abandoning a company that falls behind it's competitors and treats its consumers like children as it sells them devices with time limits to fail, when a device like an iphone should be able to last for decades.

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    Terrible Product

    Bought a genuine Apple AV Adapter. Should be gold plated for the price. It works sparotically sometimes. No audio, no picture, no nothing periodically. I've spent more time rebooting the darned system than watching Net Flix which is why it was purchased. Fiddle with it, and finally when I do get a picture, and put the phone down, beside the TV, it quits. Start all over again. This is ludicrous! Thanks Apple for a product that is inferior.

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    does not work most of the time

    Upon connection to my iPad (3rd gen) nine out of ten times it says: This Accessory is Not Supported. Even so it should be compatible according to Apple. Similar for my iPhone 4S, although I did manage to play a video on my TV with it (one time).

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