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    Sad, unfortunate design flaw

    The plug has a serious design flaw that causes it to disengage far too easily from the socket. The plug and wire extent out about 3/4" making it a long lever. The magnet is quite strong, and pulling the plug out straight takes quite a bit of force. Tap the wire or plug up or down however, and it comes right out. Such is the power of leverage. It works fine on a desk, but on your lap it can be a challenge to keep the plug in.

    This should be, and hopefully will be, redesigned in the next revision. The lever needs to be shortened. The L connector design helps by removing the wire, but its not absolutely necessary. The plug itself is more important as it does not flex and is too long, Something shorter and fatter would be more effective.

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    Horribly Weak Connection

    After spending $2,000+ on a rMBP I am HORRIFIED at how annoying this connector is. The L-Shaped connector on my MBA was excellent but this is so weak. The entire point of having a laptop is to use it on my lap, on the couch, in bed, or any other place I desire... but this power adapter does not allow for that as it comes loose at the slightest nudge. It annoys me to the point of searching the internet for "tips" on how to keep the thing in there. (to no avail)... which led me here - where I just am going to repeat the cries of all the others that HATE THIS ADAPTER.

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    T shape - bad design for the power adapter

    As others have commented before, the power adapter keeps falling off.

    It's not that the magnet is week, but the design itself is faulty. Even the smallest force on the T-shaped connector acts perpendicularly, which easily hooks the connector off. The previous L-shape may have been a better design.

    Last but not the least, I wanted to buy a spare adapter for home but $79 (+tax) for this useless adapter feels like a total ripoff!

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    There must be a ghost in my house.

    That's the only explanation for why this adapter is never stays in my computer. I swear I plug it in constantly and next thing I know...unplugged. Is this Steve Jobs trying to play with our minds....Come on Apple give us all a better product or some money back for this terrible design!

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    Fourth Time Buying a Charger

    I am extremely careful with my chargers, and make sure that I'm not fraying them, but these chargers eventually stop working no matter what you do to them. I am now buying my fourth charger for the same computer. There is no reason that this should be happening, especially at this high price point. Please fix this, Apple.

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    Apple please fix this charger

    I agree with everyone who gave this product 1 star, I would give it 0 if I could. This is my third time purchasing this 80 dollar adapter in two years. Apple please do something about this!

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    needs replacement every year

    lucky i had extended warrenty with my mac pro. i have replaced this product 3 times. apple should have upgraded this product. very disappointed.

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    Doesn't stay plugged in

    The magsafe end of the charger has been thinned down and returned to the T connector shape. This means that it is very easy to be rocked up or down and disconnect. Also since the connector is thinner it has extra magnet surface area on the sides of the connector to make the connection strong enough, but this larger area on the sides get's full of little pieces of dust and dirt that keep the charger from connecting. This was not an issue on the older version. The connection on the computer side needs to be deeper or the connector needs to be taller. Also it would likely benefit from being switched back to the L shaped connector so there is less leverage.

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    Engineering Team's Transcript:

    Engineer 1: “Let make it skinnier so it falls out easier!"

    Engineer 2: “Well, MagSafe 1 was L shaped so up/down motions would torque the connector rather than acting like a lever arm. Thus it wouldn't fall out.”

    Engineer 3: “Stupid. Let’s also make it stick 1/2 inch directly out the side of the computer so that all the torque is now on the even skinnier, even less secure magnetic plate.”

    Engineer 1: “Genius”

    Engineer 2: “REVOLUTIONARY!”

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    Count me among those with a power adapter that frayed. Again. Apple, please: You are charging a premium for a product that does not deserve it. If this is planned obsolescence, you are gouging us and fomenting resent. You are better than this.

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    Does Not Last

    After about 2 years of use, the cord broke. At the point where the thin part attaches to the box, the rubber part ripped and the inside frayed. It works sometimes at very odd angles, but usually not at all. Problems began after the first year; the charge would be spotty, coming in and out. For costing $79.00, this is a horrible product. I did not expect to have to replace my charger so soon.

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    Cables are terrible quality

    Cable frayed to the point of not working anymore after 3 years of use. Apple, please make better cables!!!!!

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    I have had my MacBook Pro 15" for 2 years and have been very careful with the adaptor. Cord frayed and unusable now and almost caused a fire. Why pay $2300 for a computer with such a cheap cord.

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    Adaptor is a danger to my family

    So I am on my second charger in two years and am preparing to buy a third one. The first one overheated to the point of melting the wire. On the second one, it still heats up a lot and the wire has deteriorated at the connections on the adaptor side as well as the magnetic connection side. I have put electric tape on both ends but now it is starting to spark when connected to laptop. With the amount that my Macbook Pro cost, I would think that there would be a lifetime guarantee. Thank goodness that the first one went out before the first year warrantee was up. Please Apple, make a connector that lasts as long as the laptop.

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    Wire splits near the power block

    I am extremely careful with my electronics and have had no issues with any other apple product. However, this is the second power adapter where the wire has split near the block.

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    Frays so easily that I'm going Windows

    Apple has created yet another flimsy charger that frays so easily that it becomes a fire hazard in 3-6 months. This is true even if you're like me and you take every precaution. I don't wrap my cord, I always check that it doesn't have any stress placed on it, etc. Less than a year in and it's already frayed in two places (and admittedly has been a fire hazard for at least 4 months now). I have a two year AppleCare plan and I'm still supposed to drop $90+ on a new charger because of Apple's own negligence? No thank you. I'm out.

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    Poor Connection, Bad Planned Product

    I have nothing positive to say about the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. There's no reason Apple couldn't have kept the L-shaped power adapter, or even offered it as a paid-for accessory (I would buy it).

    The T-shape only makes sense if you're using the computer at a desk. The power adapter coming straight off of the side does not make sense for a "lap" top. I hold my computer between my legs when I'm using it and the power adapter doesn't stay connected. Previous generation MagSafe had no problem at all with the way I held it.

    Apple, please offer an alternate power adapter.

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    Terrible Quality

    I'm surprised how cheap and fragile the Macbook pro charger is. Brand new computer and after 6 months had a tape on the cord. Apple should reimburse as a defective part

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    Falls Apart

    I seriously resent being made to shell out for a new charger every year. The rubber on the cable between laptop and power unit comes apart at both ends - both where it meets the laptop and where it meets the power unit. After that the metal shielding comes apart, after that you start worrying that your children are going to get electrocuted or the power cable will stop working.

    If you can't fix it, then at least don't gouge the customer on the cost of the replacement. Why not provide detachable cable so that only the part of the cable from power unit to laptop requires replacement? Why not put the customer first?

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    Buying third charger in 4 years

    It's a laptop. Which means its portable. Which means I take it to work and bring it home every day. I am buying a third charger in four years. Apple says the charger is designed to be unplugged and wrapped every day. Seriously???? Maybe you should design it to be!

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