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    So much fake chargers in the world?

    • Written by Laurens K from Haren

    I just charged my Late 2013 15 inch MacBook Pro and checked the power adapter from my 85W MagSafe 2 charger. It was really hot and I thought: this is not good, what is going on with my charger... I went searching on the web and found out there are a lot of the same issues with the charger. The reviews on the Apple Store site are really bad, and people are having the same issue, the charger get really hot. While searching the web you will find a lot of fake Apple MagSafe chargers and I had to find out if I had one too. I checked it with a YouTube video and found out my MagSafe Charger is fake too. My question is: how is it possible that there are so much stores online and offline that sell fake MagSafe chargers for nearly the same price as the real ones? After a few minutes of research on the web, I have discovered this problem is a daily driver for a lot of MacBook users... I have to say it is really dangerous to charge your Mac like this (if you have a fake charger). I also think that more than a half of these reviews is about the fake chargers (the dangerous ones). Thats not good because I believe the real chargers are good and do not deserve bad reviews. If you need a MacBook charger, buy them on Apple's site or in an Apple Store because the chance you have a fake charger is real high if you buy them somewhere else. And Apple please do something with this problem, I think I speak for a lot of people right now...

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    Excellent MagSafe, Terrible cord

    • Written by Ken W from Medford

    Love the MagSafe feature. It saved my computer many times! Hate the cord. The cord decomposes and crumbles far to quickly. I find this same problem with my iPhone and iPad cords as well. I expect much more durability from Apple. I would prefer durable cords but if you cannot produce better cables and cords, why not make the removable from the charger to lessen the cost of replacement? But then, you would need to make it so it would not overheat! I give this product 5 stars for MagSafe and 1 star for the poor durability cord.

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    Brilliant idea less brilliantly executed

    • Written by F.H. K from Benthuizen

    This magnetic power plug is a brilliant find. It comes off easily but considering it leaves your laptop on your lap, table or desk instead of coming off with it is well worth that minor inconvenience. I use my Macbook every single day, using that power cord and taking it with me to and from work, and after two years it came apart. Probably from the twisting, pulling and tripping over it.

    Having said that, I do think the design or the sturdiness of it could be improved. The charger for my old Macbook from 2006 lasted eight years before it broke down. That was the old one that connected at a 90 degree angle, all the replacement ones with the L-shape broke down within a year, so in my opinion that's a change for the better.

    Now they should make one that lasts eight years again, or sell a heavy-wear variant at a slightly higher price (or sell the other one for a lower price rather...)

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    Works Like it Should, But Has Bad Insulation.

    • Written by Elizabeth P from Conrad

    Not built to last. I've had my macbook since mid 2014, and the same charger that first came with it. I have no problem whatsoever with the physical design. (pointing that out because some people don't like the T-style as opposed to the L-style.)

    The main point I want to make is the reason I have to consider getting a new one. I am unhappy with how weak the small cable's insulation is. I'd add pictures if I could, but no matter how well I make sure to wrap up the cable, wear and tear in the form of knicks and kinks have formed on the outer coating and expose the wire. I am up to 6 places that are wrapped in electrical tape. Any warranty I have for replacement of parts is probably expired. I really don't want to spend 80 bucks on a new charging unit. Heck, the part I need is just the small cord. If I could disconnect the brick and make a small investment into another cable, it would be ideal.

    TLDR version: It works like it should, but apple cut the expenses by making the smaller cable less protected with only one layer of electrical insulation. After almost three years of use, I have to prepare for the day it just stops working because the small cable fizzled out.
    Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my laptop still. I got a mac because I've seen my friends have to replace their hp's every couple of years because they slow down from collecting so much malware. Literally the only thing I'd change about this whole macbook pro package is the problem I just talked about, being the wimpy charging cable.

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    Not Great; Not Bad

    • Written by Cazre T from baltimore

    I've had the original charger to my MBPr for almost five years now and its eventually came to the point where I have to connect two separated wires to charge my laptop. Which yay because it still works but boo because that sounds like a potential fire hazard. With that being said idk what you people are doing where chargers break in a year. It may fray but I've just had to make a replacement. 2 stars docked for price and weaker magnet.

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    an O.K. charger

    • Written by Veronica R from Pennington

    I love my Macbook Pro, but the charger has several issues...all of which are easily fixable. The first issue is the magnet which charges the computer. It's very weak and unplugs very easily. Working while the computer is charging on your lap can sometimes be a bit tedious because the charger constantly falls out. The second issue I have with this charger is the adapter end. The smaller one that is two pronged is so easy to loose, and Apple doesn't offer replacements. If you lose it, then you either have to buy a knock off or pay for a whole new charger (that's about 80 bucks you're giving up). I wish Apple would sell the adapter end by itself or just add somewhere on the charger where it can be placed and not easily lost.

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